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What do user trust levels do?

You may have noticed that, by default, all Discourse users start out as trust level zero. What is the purpose of these trust levels, and why do they exist? How do you get to higher trust levels, and what do they do? (This is a FAQ topic intended…

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A Beginner’s Guide to the Forums Meta

I have searched long and hard and it seems no one has made a tutorial on the community. All these new members flooding in need some help to understand the guidelines, profile setup, trust levels etc-. Lets give them help through this thread with a tutorial for new members! Learning the Community Trustlevels For those new members the hardest thing to do is start. Where they can start? Before anything you must learn about our trust levels. What are trust levels? Trust levels are levels …


Do you mean, you control both Tower and Ground at WSSS @Ryanchia18 ???


I could be wrong but is this possibly a tracking thread?
@Ryanchia18, if this is a tracking thread, please change your title to something similar to “@Ryanchia18’s Tracking Thread - Open/Closed @ [ICAO]” and every time you open, change the title to “Open” and every time you close, change it to “Closed”. The [ICAO] portion of my template is where you will put the name of the airport you’re opened at.