Would You Rather: Real World Aviation Edition


See, I’m the exact opposite I have NEVER flown on an a320 series jet at all.

  • Fly United Polaris First class for life
  • Fly Delta One for life

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Please don’t vote Delta because you think your going to get thrown off a plane…




Would you rather…

  • Win free United Polaris tickets for life on all United international flights and economy plus for life on United domestic flights
  • Get A group boarding position and always be the first one to board in the A group on Southwest for life with an automatic 25,000 bonus miles for life

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Well I live in Australia, so I’ll have to go with the top option ;)


I actually wouldn’t mind doing that! Emirates has A380s on both legs and their seats and service is amazing


Would you rather

  • Be a 747/A380 captain for one year and lose your medical
  • Be a Beech King Air pilot until the day you retire

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Your poll does not have anything to do with real world aviation, please post it in this thread. Thanks!


Ok, sorry about that, I accidentally posted on the wrong topic


Would you rather?

  • Not fly in Global because you knew no matter how long the flight you’d crash on short final
  • Still fly in global even if you knew you’d crash

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What if we have good immune systems like me? ;)


I think right now, all we android users want is just a taste of global


Then this poll would be boring because the majority wants to fly heavies :)


Anything out of trump


I just flew Jetstar A320-200 and let me tell you, it was awful.


As a pilot, the A321neo. As a passenger, the 737 MAX-10


I’m exactly the opposite. I’ll take the Airbus as a passenger but the Boeing as a pilot


Nothing comes between me and the Maddog. Nothing. Period.


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