Would You Rather: Real World Aviation Edition


Dude, you had me at free, and that’s final


Never be able to fly as a passenger would restrict my life hugely


What about our families?


But it’s free. No question.


I can live with my broken pilot dreams by flying first class for free


Excluding your family. Only your ticket fares will be zero.

  • Be an EasyJet Pilot
  • Be a Ryanair Pilot

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  • Fly EasyJet For the Rest Of your Life
  • Fly Ryanair For the Rest Of your Life

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  • Be a Boeing 727 pilot
  • Be a Airbus A310 pilot

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Both planes ARE at this moment, in service


Has no one seen the Qsuite?


If I’m an easy jet pilot is all airbuses so takeoff buttons and landing buttons.😂


I meant I couldn’t just leave my family all the time being a commercial pilot.


Marker plane is amazing


Would you rather fly?

  • Fly Spirit Airline’s On a 5 hour flight (no upgrading to a big front seat)
  • Fly frontier airlines on a 5 hour flight

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I like both Airline’s but I like spirit Airline’s flight attendant uniforms more so I choose Spirit Airline’s.
Sorry @Infinite.flight


Something for you to admire while you are stuck in a cramped seat with 28 inches of pitch for 5 hours.


Would you rather fly:

  • The A321neo
  • The 737 max 10

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It’s all okay :) dude


Would you rather…

  • Bail out over land?
  • Ditch in the ocean?

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Bail out over land and you have a chance of dying if you get knocked out on the way down, ditch in the ocean, you can at least swim out of wreckage


The 737 because I’ve never flown on any 737.