Would You Rather: Real World Aviation Edition


because LGA isn’t a city…


Where is Beautiful Paris???


I love Tokyo, it’s one of my favorite cities. I’d go back there if given a chance in a heartbeat!


That’s a huge bias to the US.


I’m sorry that it is mainly US airports. I can’t change the poll though. So, sorry.


Would you rather…

  • Only Fly Ryanair for the rest of your life
  • Only Fly Spirit Airlines for the rest of your life

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I love spirit Airline’s so I don’t mind


That entirely depends on where you live


But, if both airlines were available in your area, which would you choose?


Ryanair as I’ve never been to America and hence never flown spirit


Never fly spirit save yourself the agony.


Having your head broken on every landing is really fun just to say…

  • Fly economy on a 16 hour flight (VERY CHEAP & UNCOMFORTABLE)
  • Fly first class platinum on a 2 hour domestic flight (VERY PRICEY & RELAXING)

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I fly economy all the time on trans-Atlantic flights, the seats are not actually too bad, just saying.


This more of can you afford an expensive flight more than a would you rather.


In all my life, I have never flown either than economy and they are really nice! Specially Turkish Airlines’ economy on the A330 and 77W

  • Have a Pilot’s License but never be able to fly as a passenger
  • Never have a Pilot’s License but be able to fly as a passenger for free

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Being a passenger is easier AND it’s free.


Yes, but what about the salary and the fact that you are fulfilling your ambition (that is if your ambition is really to fly in the front most seat, in the cockpit)?


I’m assuming that this is only for international flights, right? I don’t think that if I’m going from LAX to Pittsburg that I should have to stop in London :P