Would You Rather: Real World Aviation Edition


I’ve always wanted to go to MHT. Very similar to ISP, we both have a good amount of WN activity, and regional/express airlines too.


This one’s a bit hard. I would go Airbus A350-1000.

  • Fly on an Airbus A350-1000
  • Fly on a Boeing 787-10

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Scenario: You are flying a Boeing 757. You have lost both engines, and you do not have enough airspeed to make it to a runway. You are flying over a densely populated suburban area, near a large body of water. You have two options:

  • Attempt to land the plane in the water. Most likely, most people onboard your aircraft will die. But you will have saved the lives of countless people on the ground.
  • Attempt to land the plane in an open area or a road on land. You will save the lives of people onboard your plane, but it is almost guaranteed people on the ground will die because of your choice.

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It brings up an ethical question relating to do your prioritize the lives of people onboard your plane, or on the ground.


The way I look at this is that if I’m landing on a somewhat empty road or field I’m only killing a few on the ground, and they have the ability to at least try to doge the aircraft all while still saving most if not all of my passengers. While for the water landing I’m killing anywhere from 1-400 people given the situation while sparing a few on the ground.


There also could be people in the water that could also be hit. Though I am with @FlowingGlint61, even if let’s say 3 die that is better than like 90 or even 100.


This would be a good topic where you give a scenario with multiple solutions and see who chooses what. I don’t know what you would call it though lol


If I land in the water when I had the chance to land on land I would loose my job



  • Fly first class on Long Flight with Pan Am any aircraft
  • Fly first class with US airways any aircraft

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10/10 maths on point 👌

  • Fly Emirates Airlines 777 Economy
  • Fly British Airways 777 Economy
  • Fly Qatar Airways 777 Economy
  • Fly Etihad Airlines 777 Economy
  • Fly Air France 777 Economy
  • Fly KLM 777 Economy
  • Fly American 777 Economy
  • Fly Delta 777 Economy
  • Fly United Airlines 777 Economy
  • Fly Air Canada 777 Economy

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  • Get free flights on your least favorite airline
  • Get heavily discounted flights on your favorite airline

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No offense, your job wouldn’t do you much good if you were dead.


I chose delta because at least I know they serve Starbucks coffee. I love my coffee.


If the engines are below the wing and you land the plane in the ocean, you can rip the plane apart and everyone will have a low chance of getting out alive. This also happened to a plane one, and the exact thing happened, It rip the plane apart and it was torn to pieces. They were lucky because there was a beach, with people too.


Let’s not forget that Sully managed to do the forced water landing on the Hudson. While many consider it a miracle, it’s simply a matter of physics and getting it just right.


I had a bad experience back when Emirates had their A330s. The IFE screen was tiny, my dad’s one didn’t even work and seats were rather cramped.


@Kyle.Plane because Their A330 is old they have even retired most of their Aircraft Go and Fly Emirates A380 or 777 check it out you surely love it


Especially the 777! I had an awesome time on the 777


Emirates have ordered more 100 777x
To replace the 777 and the retired A330’s and A340’s