Would You Rather: Real World Aviation Edition


Marine corps. I win. Nuff said.


You say that as if there is something wrong with going to dubai… I would just schedule my flights to where i could arrive, spend the day and night in Dubai, then fly to Heathrow the next morning


Of course you can sue afterwards in either case


Would you rather:

  • Be on a transcontinental Frontier Airlines flight (no TV or wifi or reclining seat) in a middle seat, stuck in between someone who hasn’t showered in days and an overweight person spilling over into your seat
  • Be scheduled to be on the last Delta 747 revenue flight but get caught in extreme traffic on the way to the airport, thus missing the flight

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My turn!


  • Fly Emirates a380 first class for only 30 minutes, and could only do it once a month
  • Ride on a Cessna 150 for 3 hours every day

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Would you rather?

  • Be a test pilot for Boeing
  • Be a test pilot for Airbus

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Boeing is my response!!


No other choice but Boeing!


I actually have flown a Cessna 150 for 3 hours so I’d do it again

  • Fly Egypt Air Economy for 16 Hours
  • Fly Air Asia Economy For 16 Hours

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Uhhhh hellooo United!

  • Fly first class on a flight between KSFO-EGLL (you have to pay for it)
  • Fly economy in an aisle seat in front of a screaming three year old on a short flight between KJAX-KATL

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(Picture credit:http://i.imgur.com/6UPWI.jpg)
If this is Egypt Air economy, it’s a no brainer. I’ve been on. AirAsia flights and my legs barely fit the seat, and I’m only 5’8. There isn’t any food or IFE.

  • Fly the 777X when it comes out
  • Fly the A350
  • Fly the 737 Max
  • Fly the A320NEO

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It is obvious what I will select;
Hint- it is the the name of my username!👍


I’m quite interested in the 777-X but the A350-1000 is my fav plane. Good poll by the way!


Thank you a lot. You made my day

  • Lifetime 1K on United
  • Lifetime Executive Platinum on American
  • Lifetime Diamond Medallion on Delta

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  • Fly first class Emirates
  • Fly first class Qatar
  • Fly first class Etihad
  • Fly first class British Airways
  • Fly first class Delta

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I Have one :)

Would you rather:

  • -Have no traffic and fly out of Manchester, NH with an easy in and out Terminal, have all the time you need before departure, but only see small regional jets, and a couple of heavy jets
  • -Take the drive down to Boston, MA with all the heavy traffic, and have to navigate through the highway and city to get to the airport, then find the terminal, and barely make it to your flight, and have the time of your life as you see the large jumbo planes

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I hope I did good, it’s my first time posting a “Would you rather” post :)