Would You Rather: Real World Aviation Edition


The leg room or North Korean, American?


Millions would lose their lives if real pilots flew like ts1 pilots


I am American, two vs one lol


If you get dragged off you can get famous sue the airline and become a millionaire


Thats why it is the obvious answer. 😏😏


Do you have nukes? Obama is sitting next to you. Are you still a winner?


Takes a lot of balls to fight with the president of the United States, and their nukes can’t even reach us. We’re getting off topic tho, and I guess it’s just a joke too haha.


Would you rather…

  • Be trapped on an airplane in Dubai for 40 minutes which the heat building?
  • Flying Easyjet economy back row, for a 5 hour flight?

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Would you rather:

  • Fly on China Airlines’ Premium Business Class on the 77W
  • Fly on Virgin Australia’s New Business Class on the 77W

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China Airlines’ Premium Business:

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Virgin Atlantic’s New Business Class:
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Pretty tough choice isn’t it?


No F on QR A350s unfortunately… but then again QR Fs isn’t really something to go out of your way for. But Qsuites though, I cannot wait for them to come to BOS!!!


BA F class is basically business class! Why would people chose it over QR???

  • Fly LATAM First class on the 789
  • Fly LATAM First class on the A350

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BA a380 because otherwise to travel from EGLL-KLAX would mean going EGLL-OMDB-KLAX


I actually was inside an Emirates 777 in Dubai, where the APU wasn’t working, and they had to bring an EPU in. The EPU failed, and we were left sitting in an increasingly hotter cabin for 1 and a half hours until they fixed the issue. It’s not that bad, even in 50°C weather which we were in. The cabin crew bring drinks around to cool you down as well.


Already done the Qantas A380 first class for 9 hours,

Okay my turn

  • Fly on the 737MAX virgin Australia
  • Fly on the A320NEO Jetstar

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Would you rather

  • Fly economy on 20 hour 747 Flight on British airways
  • Fly business first on the upper deck of 747 with United airlines for 17 hours

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I don’t want to get beat up, BA it is.

Seriously i don’t understahd you poll, fly business class or economy class? Obvious choice, business class


It’s a 747, Economy is just as good


No business class is nicer


Would you rather

  • Fly economy on a 17 hour 77W Flight with United
  • Fly economy on a 17 hour 744 Flight with United

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