Would You Rather: Real World Aviation Edition


I know right haah I flew it once KMIA-MMUN


Would you rather…

  • Experience RyanAir Harsh landings and get serious injuries for all the flights you ride
  • Never ride an Airplane

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Would You Rather (Please Don’t take this Into politics stay in topic)

  • Only have access to Fly Cessna 152 your whole life Anywhere
  • Only have access to “Ride” on Trumps 757 and take his orders

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What do you mean with “take his orders”?


This one’s easy…

  • Have a 739 BBJ, but you can’t fly it ever (your the passenger)
  • Have a C172 and fly it 12 hours a day non-stop.

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@nicochile2 only fly routes he wants


Would you rather One Time

  • Fly the Boeing 739MAX
  • Fly the A320NEO
  • Fly the Mitsubishi Reg Jet
  • Fly the C-130
  • Fly the Cessna Latitude

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This is Real world aviation. That poll should be in the IF edition of Would You Rather.


Would You Rather :)

  • Be Atc in real life But have a Airpsace like SoCal TS1
  • Be Pilot in real life and fly Like a Noob in SoCal TS1

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ATC wouldn’t die, pilot would. Simple choice

  • Fly Ryanair Economy
  • Fly EasyJet Economy

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Would you rather:

  • Be a private pilot and fly anywhere in the world
  • Be a commercial pilot but, your assigned destinations

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As long as i get a Bombadier Global Express.


Would you rather

  • Fly the Cessna Citation X
  • Fly the Mitsubishi Regional Jet
  • Fly the Cessna Latitude

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The difference in votes though. Legit only 1 person voted for Spirit lol.


Would you rather:

  • Be only able to fly A310s
  • Be only able to fly MD-83s

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Would you Rather

  • Qantas A380 First class for the rest of your life
  • Emirates A380 First class for the rest of your life
  • Qatar Airways A380 First class for the rest of your life
  • British Airways A380 First class for the rest of your life

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Poor RyanAir like Jeez no vote. TBH nobody wants a broken bone.



  • Get dragged of the plane on United
  • Sit on a 15 hour flight with minimal legroom and have the middle seat between a North Korean and American

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If it is a 15 hour flight I assume it is a wide body, so I am fine with that!