Would You Rather: IF Edition


None, who would pay that much to fly Southwest?


Let’s say that I drive to KSJC and then fly to KSTL?


To be honest I don’t think people care which airport they fly to. All they care about is price.


I would rather stop in KSJC to save money and so I could say hi to @BigBert10. ;)


That has nothing to do with Infinite Flight…

  • Land in 70 kn winds when you were coming from a 17 hour flight.
  • Land in a a380 into a event with a grade 5 taxing onto the runway when you on short final

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I had that second one happen to me this morning at YPPH, other than I was in a B77W.

  • Qantas
  • Virgin Australia

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GO AROUND!! I’d choose that


Would you rather:

  • Sleep in Cargo Hold
  • Sleep on a long haul flight with 15" seat width

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Sleep in the cargo hold for an hour flight 😉


Would you rather:

  • Meet Misha
  • Meet Schyllberg
  • Neither

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You have neither but not both? Smh


Would you rather…

  • Have 3D buildings and terminals
  • Or have weather

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LAX is not that bad.


Don’t we already have weather?


It’d be really cold in the cargo hold. ❄️


Would you rather:

  • Be the most loved moderator on the IFC
  • Be the most hated staff in FDS

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If you’re the most hated staff, then you’d probably be fired.


I mean it in the sense that you do your job well and all but you’re the one guy who isn’t invited to the office party…