Would You Rather: IF Edition


Yes. Plus it’s the closest to me


NY is closest to the UK, so I picked NY. Even though I went this year, I would like it to be closer to the UK next yesr


Disclaimer; a lot of other people have done WYR’s and I apologize if this has already been asked.

Would you rather…

  • Play (Fairly new) Global Infinite Flight for 1 Month free
  • Play (Old) Regional Infinite Flight for 1 year free

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Oh no wait I voted with the wrong button! Arrrrggghhh I would never put that!

  • YSSY
  • YMML

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I know how to change it:

  1. click “Hide results”
  2. Change your option


Ah ok. Thanks man!!!


AirForceProud95 makes more clickbait than I do right now.

Also, his videos are fake and scripted. Is there any FSX or IF player that doesn’t know him? They have to be fake…

Still love him though*


Are they fake? I kinda belive you but I don’t want to and he said it wasn’t!
Tho I dont belive him lol


Regardless of clickbait…
Notice the word quality in my earlier post? 😜


Would you rather…

  • Have a new 787 livery in IF
  • Have a new F1 (car racing) livery in IF

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Make up to 2 votes!

Edit: Expert at car racing, voted for my own.

Why normal livery instead of special livery?


Busy airports are all that i need


Would you rather:

  • Infinite flight gets a special livery put on 30 major carrier aircraft (Delta, United etc)
  • The Infinite flight 787 livery becomes a reality

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Haha @Swiss so true!!


Would you rather…

  • Infinite Flight adds 4K scenery with 3D buildings around the world
  • Infinite Flight adds all aircraft in the world to the sim with 4K textures and animations, but with pre-global scenery

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I’m interested to see these results. ;)


Let’s say you want to visit the Bay Area.

And let’s say you are flying from KSTL because why not?

Southwest Airlines is the only carrier to have nonstop flights to the Bay Area.

Would you rather…

  • Fly to KSFO and pay $1,800
  • Fly to KSJC and pay $1,100
  • Fly to KOAK and pay $1,500

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I have a feeling you are trying to make KSJC look better. I’m sure you have no motive ;)


I try to promote KSJC whenever I can.

Honestly, I made this question to see if people would rather pay much more to land at an airport that is really popular and probably well known to them or if they would pay less but have to land at an airport they are unfamiliar with.

We’ll see.


That’s not true, I’ve been breathing here for 16 years.


I was on a server with him once. Seemed pretty real to me.