Would You Rather: IF Edition


It shows both. Tectonic plates and continents


Okay, so if “Zealandia” is a continent, then there would be 8 continents. I was always told there was 7. Is my life a lye.


Would you rather? Fly in the trash bin of the sky (Ryanair) or the Motel 6 of the sky (Spirit Airlines)?


In my country they teach us that are 5 continents (6 if you want to count with Antartica). Zealandia doesnt exist, just Oceania. Oh btw, they also taught us that South America, Central America and North America are just subcontinents of the American continent.


Well, you kind of have to include Antarctica, since every piece of land has to belong to a continent. I can understand the counting both the Americas as one thing though.


The continent count is a very controversial topic across the world, there are a lot of different ways to count.


Guys really back to the topic!

I don’t want to start debating but please keep in mind that everything starts at the definition of continent. (Depending on the definition, the smallest of islands is a continent or all of Asia europ and Africa could be considered a continent.) the definition is really vague. And anyway who cares…!

Back to the topic and if need be continue in pm


What do you want next?

  • Airbus a350
  • Airbus a330 rework

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Keep your opinions to yourself. Don’t post them.


Can I have an option of neither… lol


Would you rather…

  • Colab with @Swiss
  • Colab with Airforceproud95

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Sorry @Swiss I voted for AFP95 😬


AFP95 100%; sorry @Swiss, I don’t like clickbait and earrape.


How to succeed on youtube in a nutshell.


Let’s think… Quality content… Or sWiSs0O1?
It’s a no brainer really…


I’ve done that a few times. I hate it when I’m ignored by ATC.
So if I’m ignored, I spam ATC and do what I want until he/she notices me


I’d have to be the fighter jet escorting those planes


Am me and the other guy the only one in @Swiss ‘s side 😂

  • New York 2019 Expo
  • San Francisco 2019 Expo
  • Denver 2019 Expo
  • Tampa 2019 Expo

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We Are Not Able To Choose Where We Want The Next Expo But this is Just To See Where We Would Like The Expo Next.


NYC or Tampa would be awesome. Denver just has no oxygen to breathe. 😂😂😂


We are now the only two who would like Tampa 😂


Denver is some of the fresher air in the United States. It’s better having a little less than having the dirty air of NYC. 😂