Would You Rather: IF Edition


As much as I love both the 777 and A330, the 757 needs it most.


I know what @markstursy and @Balloonchaser will choose…


I never noticed that the 777 needed any rework. I think the A330/40 fam is in most need of a rework, followed by 757, E-Jet fam, and the A380. 737 would be nice, but isnt needed


Reworks part two:

  • Embraer E-Jets family
  • Boeing 767-300
  • Airbus a380-800

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  • Get Pro free for the rest of your life.
  • Meet Sully.

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Would you Rather…

  • Fly Spirit for life
  • Get beat up and dragged off of a United flight

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Dude get on topic… This is IF Edition.



  • Have the Space Shuttle readded
  • Have the Concorde added
  • Or have the CRJ-700 added

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Busy airport are the best! Experience the realism! 😎


You got to have that CRJ ;)


Would you rather:

  • Get rid of all terrible-despite-warnings Live pilots, all will-post-a-“don’t-buy-this-game-it-is-a-scam-it-needs-a-subscription”-review and all immature IF users, and app piracy websites “selling IF” (will get FDS more revenue and stop immature criticism and behaviour on Live)
  • Be a staff member of FDS

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You could’ve said:
Get rid of all noobs and haters


Yeah, but people have voted already, so…


I’ve already crashed in front of a moderator. xD

  • Being able to add 3 new planes to Infinite Flight immediately, but only planes
  • Being able to add all Helicopters, Trikes, Balloons, and around 10 3D airports
  • Being able to create custom liveries and use them on Infinite Flight (great for VAs)
  • Being able to make everyone mature and organized on live (including casual and training)

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Ts1 will finally not be a total hell hole


No, it still is. This is just a would you rather, you know.


I know I’m just saying that if it was real that ts1 wouldn’t be a total hell hole anymore 😂 we will need all of God’s help if we want ts1 to be “civilized”


Would you rather…

  • Control KLAX tower on TS1
  • Control KLAX ground
  • Or buzz the tower in an F-14 because they stink so much at controlling it.

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I know this a really late reply, but that map shows tectonic plates, not continents.