Would You Rather: IF Edition


I just accidentally cleared a 50 waypoint FP from Helsinki to Bangkok. And I re-did the FP. And I accidentally cleared it AGAIN! They really need to add an ‘are you sure?’ button


That my friend, is in the global update, it is useful, quite useful


What on earth (get the pun) is Zealandia?


A continent… I thought that was clear enough in the post.


The continental crust is the layer of granitic, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks which form the continents and the areas of shallow seabed close to their shores, known as continental shelves. It is less dense than the material of the Earth’s mantle and thus “floats” on top of it.

Under this criteria these 8 land masses count as continents. Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Zealandia, Antarctica and Oceana


That’s already in global lol


Oh, how funny. You’re right. I clear the flight plan at the end of all of my flight and it always asks me if I want to confirm! What I meant was that when I select a waypoint, instead of adding it to my flight plan, my finger accidentally presses the button to fly directly to that waypoint.


Ah, I see. I was thinking of the basic 7 continent model, which only includes the ones that are fully above water (thus combining Australia and Zealandia to from Oceania). Since planes can’t really land underwater in IF, I was just going by the more common model.


Well some part of Zealandia is above water, and it is a continental crust, not an Oceanic crust, like we thought it was for the past couple hundred years.


Let’s get back on track.

  • Get married on a Southwest Airlines flight
  • Sit one row ahead of a toddler that cries for the whole time

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Thanks @CaptainObvious


Would you rather?

  • Have all bugs fixed in global now
  • Get MD11/DC10 now

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If a genie gave you one wish (you must choose out of these), which one would it be?

And yes, two of these are not Aviation related but at least a majority of these at related to aviation.

  • A lifetime pass to IF Pro, any 5 devices of your choice for IF, a post as Community Moderator, a position as a Grade 5 Pilot, and another post as Airport Editor if you want that as well.
  • A lifetime unlimited pass to whatever flight tickets you want (in other words, your tickets are 100% free)
  • Any ten aircraft of your choice
  • A way to travel back in time and revert any 3 mistakes you have made throughout your life, without the Grandfather Paradox or any paradox related to time travel affecting you
  • 1 Billion USD

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$1 Billion USD is the only logical choice. It can get you 10 nice private jets, unlimited plane tickets, unlimited devices, lifetime of IF Pro, and grade 5 isn’t that hard to get. Becoming an airport editor doesn’t have any requirements


No, its not, especially when you are studying in a school which is despised by most of the students and even worse, the janitors have gotten away with stealing 5 Lenovo study tabs this year (including mine and I can’t file any FIR due to lack of evidence except for the fact that I was among the last students to leave the class so the staff was alone) (double worse, I can’t leave my school)


There’s also the choice to revert 3 mistakes. 1 billion can’t buy you that


Would you rather:

  • Be an FDS Staff Member
  • Be a famous pilot
  • Be the Prime Minister or President of your country (when you grow up if you are still a minor)

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I chose PM of India because I guess that will be a better career for me. :-)


I would say 1 billion is still a lot better. If it said change the outcome of something that happened during your lifetime that would have been the best choice imo


1 billion could buy me a time machine. :P


I would not chose the 1billion usd imagine your income tax…