Would You Rather: IF Edition


If you think that, then why’d you vote for it?


Because I assume that the OP meant it in a way that you don’t die.


That makes no sense to me but whatever. Good day

  • MD11/DC10 and CRJ rework launched a week before global and its features (engine start/stop etc)
  • Global (and all global features) launched a week before MD11/DC10 and CRJ Rework

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I feel like the rework/updated features etc. first would make the global release more exciting.


That didn’t work too well did it… Make sure the poll is fully loaded before posting.(:


Oh crap… hold on. I’ll delete and try again WITH IT LOADED.


Would you rather:

  • Close this post as 90 percent of the replies involve Global?
  • Or continue because Android has not got the update yet?

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Global’s been released, its impossible to speculate ;)


Yes you can. Watch

Dubai might be in global.


Please refer to this article, it says Dubai will be coming!

Never would have guessed the last time I link this article is as a joke.

  • Ignore busy ATC and take off without permission
  • Wait 10+ minutes for ATC to clear take off

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Sometimes you just got to have some integrity ;)


10 mins ain’t too long.


This depends on server.


Exactly. It usually takes 30-45 minutes to taxi and takeoff at a busy airport. (In real life at least).


I literally just did and hour at KSAN it was so busy but everyone listened other then 5 go-arounds 4 missed approachs and 4 380’s taking off without permission


i want to have the new aircrafts i will use on long flight before i fly them on the long haul and use the time to train myself and get used to the aircraft.

  • Fly around the whole world twice.
  • Fly to every airport in the whole world with any plane.

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You just don’t retract your gear after landing. You do that after take off