Would You Rather: IF Edition


Well, I know what you voted for now.😂


Well, the Dreamlifter is a cargo plane too…


Would you rather:

  • Be a global tester
  • Be a beta tester of new aircraft

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Global is so close now that testing it won’t be too much of an advantage


But, they are adding more imagery next year so.


That doesn’t need beta testing…


Late reply but I’ld sponsor immediate development of A350 series and free download.

Either that or global.

I feel as though all the “Airbus or Boeing” questions are arbitrary. Although this is indeed an international community, the majority of users is from America. Not saying that Americans can’t support Airbus, but you know how it goes :).


would you rather:

  • Have one month of live
  • Have one month of global

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The way I see it is that without live you have no ATC and no other members to interact with in the sim. I find those to be more important than having a month of global.

  • Have every plane reworked
  • Have live weather/clouds/rain/snow

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Can’t experience good weather unless you got a good plane to fly in it in my opinion


You can undelete a post by pressing the circle-like button on the deleted post instead of creating a new one BTW


We already have live weather:) I’m fine without rain and stuff


Ok thanks for letting me know. I’ll take that in to consideration for future situations.


What about clouds though? Lets be real, it would make the game so much better.

  • Fly supersonic through the Grand Canyon in an F22 in Global
  • Fly supersonic through the Denver Mountains in an F22 in Global

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I honestly prefer the Grand Canyon. What do you want?


It would be cool to blast through the Rockies, but in all honesty, I would crash attempting either.



  • Not have global, but have everything else that would be in global
  • Control LAX TS1 for 72 hours straight

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If you control LAX for 72 strait hours you would literally die. Like your body would just not be able to handle it. And I’m serious, it’s not one of those old jokes about it being terrifying. You would actually die.


better than not having global