Would You Rather: IF Edition


208 is sooo much more stable. I know which one I want.


I can barely fly the spitfire in 5 knot wind, let alone 40+.


Would you rather:

  • Have the A320neo family added
  • Have the c series added

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I honestly love the regular A320 family more. The A319 neo looks horrible in my opinion with those big engines 😂


Makes it look all the better in my opinion


We have no unpressurized oxygen (whatever it is) in IF.


Thunder storms are easy dude…


I will take the hit for that. Lol. I didn’t realize it was IF edition. Lol. :(


787 because wingflex 😍


You forgot London Southend


Would you rather:

  • Make an ‘Anti-Live Vandal’ software that can differentiate between Mistakes and Deliberate Bad Deeds with a 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999969999% Accuracy
  • Win the Lottery and give the prize money to the FDS (it is enough for the FDS to develop Global for FREE and maintain it for 5 Years)

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Does that mean that I do not win the lottery if I choose the first option? Or does that mean I do win it, but I don’t give it to FDS to develop global for free?


The win the lottery part was just to explain how you got the money to help the FDS and save some time for other people. If you choose choice number one you do not win the lottery, else you win it but give all of it to the FDS which means you do not have any extra money.

  • Have only one existing region, with 3D buildings and very high quality graphics
  • Have Global, without 3D buildings and lower graphics

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That region could be all of Europe or just massive. So that’s why ;)


I am surprised by the results so far! I’d rather have global than 3D buildings and being limited to just one region!!


50/50 now. Let’s see which one turns out king ;)

Also, can’t the region just be a huge Global region? Or a few continents?


I’ve stated ‘existing regions’ in the poll, hence, it includes only the regions that are already in IF.


Which one would you rather see:

  • Airbus beluga
  • Boeing 747 Dreamlifter

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In if?


We have very few cargo planes we should TOTALLY want the Beluga