Would You Rather: IF Edition


How so? I don’t know anyone that’s not respected… Give an example


It was a joke :-). Cheers!


Respected but get bugged for screenshots?
Nobody knows who I am?
Hmm, don’t want to wake up to 38 PMs asking for screenshots, I know my pick.


I have not heard anything about collisions coming with global, nor is it in the confirmed feature list. Please do not spread false information, and refer to this topic about confirmed features coming with global.


I heard about collisions being added to global well sorry.


Rumors spread like wildfire no matter where or what. There’s no need to apologize, just make sure you do some research to back up your facts.


Alright. People were talking about collisions earlier… removed the rumor.


Lol I would love to be like Matt the beta tester no one knows who he is and people would be trying to reach me to get a glimpse of me. That would be funny!


What is a “super dec.” Oh I realised how much I posted, sorry mods if you see this I will do my best to calm it down.


As much as i would love to be a tester, I would much rather do all the coding ;). So i’ll be in FDS and be a tester at the same time ;)


Being a Dev would be amazing! Also, an excuse to learn C#


This from the guy that landed a plane without no gear on the taxiway. You’d fit in perfectly


The super Dec is a little red hippie caravan, single engine light as hell prop, and is the fastest and best plane in IF


More like the slowest and weirdest plane in IF


Who’s Matt?! Is he a beta tester?


Maybe he’s talking about Laura?


Nah, probably talking about @Matt or whoever.
Edit: probably not him


Matt is not a beta tester, lol he wishes! @Matt_McDonald is a beta tester so that is my best guess :).


Nope, not me, I’m not a beta tester. As Chris says Matt McDonald is however.


Would you rather…

  • Fly a Cessna 208 in 40+ knt crosswinds on final,
  • Fly an Spitfire in 40+ knt crosswinds on final?

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I’d just have a meltdown tbh