Would You Rather: IF Edition


Or just use LiveFlight Connect!


Live flight connect requires a/p


It said in global and engine failures will be added to global but the chances of having one is 00.01 percent.


And you saw this from where?

It isn’t a confirmed feature.

  • Would you rather have to be ATC at a airport filled with bad 747 pilots with collisions on and as soon as they takeoff and approach they do a barrel roll with a 25 percent chance of stalling. No ghosting.
  • Or fly your boeing 747 with 144 souls on board into the hurricane?

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The first one sound like so cal ts1


Yup anyway mornin m8!


But they are all 747’s!


You would be surprised on how much it sounds like ts1.


Can you or someone else take a vid and send it to me since my parents will not lemme get live?


Look it up on YouTube.


Search on YouTube, there a plenty of vids.
There are lot of Youtubeurs posting vids on IF.

Here are some people’s channels.


Okay thanks I will see it!


Would You Rather:

  • Have an incurable glitch in which you always spawn on Live in front of a mod and you can’t change the call sign or username.
  • Have an incurable glitch in which you always spawn on Live as a 100 meter diameter snowball which hurls itself at any nearby plane and you can’t change the call sign or username.

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EDIT: you always spawn in front of a moving mod for the first option.


Your aircraft is running low on fuel with 200 people onboard. for arguments sake You have to land at one of the airports below. Where do you land?

  • full capacity uncontrolled KNUC TS1
  • TNCM in hurricane conditions

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Probably be faster to become IFATC then circumnavigate in a c172


But collisions can’t be on… this should actually be possible in IF


I would never pay that much amount of money. I’d rather go and buy another Apple Watch for that 🙄

  • Be a highly respected beta tester
  • Be a Low level (unknown) beta tester
  • Be the dev. who has to do ALL the coding…

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When you’re highly respected, you can lose that pretty quickly… ;)