Would You Rather: IF Edition

  • Only be able to fly the Boeing 767 in Thomas Cook livery
  • Only be able to fly the F-22

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  • Boeing 767 rework
  • Boeing 757 rework
  • Airbus a340 rework ( #airbusa330notincluded )

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Like can I have all planes and wait for global update?


What is wrong about KLAX ATC controlling I don’t get it (I dont have live)


The stereotypical KLAX controlling are 18 pilots all inbound for the same runway with 1 mile spacing. Pilots who taxi to the wrong end and take off without permission. Fighter jets that take off from the stand then do 8 barrel rolls, stall out, and crash. Lastly A380 galore.


Lol now that would be a comedy show for me if I need to be happy! Anyway who in the plane flys like that? its reckless! Can u show me a YT video about it?


Ask someone with a screen recorded to jump on KLAX/NUC on TS1.


I understand this is kind of off topic but how do you make a poll? Sorry for any inconvenience


Click the little gear button when replying to someone.


What gear button? not sure what you mean…


Let me see if I can take a screen shot.





ok thanks for the help! :)

  • Would you rather attempt to land at a airport filled with mods suddenly having a engine failure. In global
  • Or have to land with one landing gear of your choice in a airport filled with bad pilots with a 25 percent chance of getting ran over by someone with collisions on? In global.

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Engines failures aren’t in game lol


Would you rather…

  • Circumnavigate the earth in a C172 with no autopilot
  • Control every single ATC frequency on a particular airport being used by terrible pilots with collisions on for 3 hours

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Uhhhh… I would just ghost the idiots


Assuming you’re not IFATC like me, and can’t ghost people ;)


Top one then. Just build a program with the connect API to act as autopilot :)


Come on man stop finding loopholes ;)