Would You Rather: IF Edition


All I’m gonna say is $700 billion is $700 billion 😉


I seriously don’t understand how leaking a screenshot gets you 700 billion, considering FDS shows enough screenshots already. I think you’d have to leak a photo of FDS’s changelog, speculate an estimated date of release AND get it either on the money or three days before or after to get that kind of cash.


Would you rather.

  • Have Global with Live + for free for the rest of your life for free.
  • Or learn how Lear how to design aircraft and you decide what livery should go with it. (Basically become a developer and get paid)

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You ain’t loyal then… 😏

  • A380 Rework
  • A330 Rework
  • A340 Rework
  • CRJ-200 Rework

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CRJ is already coming


Would you rather

  • 777 rework
  • 767 rework
  • 757 rework
  • 737 rework

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The 777 is still pretty good doesnt need a rework for now


Yeah I’m more of a 767 guy anyway just more options


The 737 is a must for a rework. Specially the cockpit. They should fix the small things before moving into bigger projects.


Is there actually a CRJ-200 rework coming? if so, when is the expected release date?


Yes, there is. No set release date.


Its after the MD11and DC10


If the 737 is reworked it is almost certain we will also get the 737max with it.


Here it is
This was a few months ago


23% of those who voted, DID NOT read it and thought it was the same.


You are flying in a 747 to VVTS, an airport in Vietnam, from RCTP, an airport in Taiwan. About 1 and a half hours into your flight, there was an issue with the fuel system that causes your aircraft to burn fuel 10 times faster than normal (this is a bug in IF that Laura forgot to fix during Beta). You knew you had to land at the nearest airport, so you decided to divert to Hong Kong. There is also a massive Typhoon happening in Hong Kong.

There are two major airports in the vicinity of Hong Kong. One being Chek Lap Kok (Hong Kong International) and the other being Kai Tak. You have to choose one airport to land in and you need to get the aircraft on the ground fast.

Kai Tak has two runways: 13 and 31. ATC will instruct you to land on Runway 13 no matter what. You cannot land on 31. If you choose to land here during the Typhoon, you have 90% chance of crashing onto the town and kill hundreds of lives.

Chek Lap Kok has 4 runways: 25L/7R and 25R/7L. If you choose to land here, ATC allows you to land on any runway you like. You will also have a great chance of landing at the airport successfully, but, you have 90% chance of skidding off the runway and slide into the terminals because the strong wind is blowing the 747.

If you are having a hard time choosing (or any confusions), here’s what you can think about before you choose:

-If you plan to land at Kai Tak, you can glide to the runway. But, you will still have a 90% chance of crasing.
-If you plan to land at Chek Lap Kok, you have to use your brakes to try to stop on the runway. Even if you stop, the wind will try to blow the aircraft to the terminal.

So, would you rather:

  • Land at Kai Tak
  • Land at Chek Lap Kok

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737 and hopefully they will add Qantas and Virgin Australia liveries ;)


:-) LOL. I said major device platform. Flight Simulators are not common and to me, they do not qualify as devices for some reason.


Honestly, the second option happens to me literally all the time… I’m really sleepy… I don’t even know how I’m gonna work things out after global’s out 😂😂