Would You Rather: IF Edition


Which would not make a valid poll.


Do you guys not see the comedic value in this one? I do 😂

  • Be trolled by TS1 players when you are the ATC.
  • Control 2 aircrafts per 30 minutes in Expert.

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Definitely have to chose the first one lol…

  • Get global as well as terrain and many other features
  • Accidentally fly out of the region and get both your live account and IFC account banned

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I’m sorry but why is this even a question


These “would you rather” questions are becoming quite pointless.


Haha, I just decided to watch all the people click on the first answer xD


This is like, would I like a million dollars or get shot and killed.

  • Have Beta, Leak a screenshot for 700 Billion USD$ Making you the richest man on earth but get removed.
  • Have Beta.

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You know it’s wierd how people choose the first option and it’s wrong.
If the developers wanted something to be leaked they leaked it, Then you have also betrayed the trust of FDS and you !made a liar out of the person that recommended you.
Which may get them in trouble.
As we can see the Devs don’t need to make global an update for IF they can play on their devices leaving us with regions, but they care that we enjoy playing IF so they want to do great things that make us even happier even though we already love Infinite flight.
So for the people who said the first option that is just rude to do that to Our developers.

  • Have free global and live forever but you can only use an iPhone 4
  • Pay 20$ more each time for global and live but use an iPad Pro (or whatever you d like)

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Lol if you leak the screenshot to earn that much then you could buy FDS, then you can have global and all the other updates early and get live for free


I would just never get off global lol


Boy with $700 Billion you could end world hunger, cure AIDs and most other diseases and then buy FDS aswell as Infinite Flight. It is never going to happen but don’t say you wouldn’t do it…

Does curing diseases and investing into FDS sound rude to you?


No but I mean they would understand if it is for a good cause. But Leaking a photo after FDS trusted you and gave you Early Access to global?


Well, TBH Money doesn’t buy happiness. It only buys materialistic items, which human beings tend to love!
And for those who chose 700 Billion USD$ well im sure you wouldn’t be a good choice for beta 😂


I am sure Bill Gates is a hell of a lot happier than me trying to find a minimum wage job…


Lol its ok mate these would you rather polls are just for fun, dont need to get so serious about it


Would you rather,

  • Rework all aircraft
  • Have global but never rework any aircraft

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  • Only able to play atc at KLAX (TS1)
  • Only able to play atc at KNUC (TS1)
  • Die

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