Would You Rather: IF Edition


Hmm… Good point :P

Well, not a good poll then.


Would you rather

  • Have your IF Community Account reset completely
  • Have your IF Grade Drop one level

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Wow, 50/50. Being Grade 4 If it drops I’ll be grade 3 I’m still on Expert and I’m still regular on the forums…


Well that depends on how I drop a grade. Am I getting a ghosting or am I dropping to minimum requirements for that grade?


Minimum requirements


Yeah, that would really suck if you were G3


My IF grade dropped a level. I know why… I simply got a violation on decent ;)


The 787-9, because it’s better:-D


FDS Staff will fix it if we all get ghosted soo…

  • Test-Flight Global for one day.
  • Fly IF live for a week

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I already have live+ soooo


Unit cost of 1 week of Live is $1.25.


i do not understand how someone would rather fly live+ than global!!!


I would rather fly Live for a week then test Global for a day, as I wouldn’t be as excited when Global releases. Plus, you can’t really fly a whole lot of long flights in 24 hours.


I just would never land. :)


Global because I want to see how far it’s come!

…and speculate how much is left 😆


  • Fly Golbal :)
  • Fly Global :)

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No offence that is literally the most pointless one. What is golbal anyway


Twas @CannedAviation’s idea originally


His both said global…