Would You Rather: IF Edition


If you had the resources and the money to do one thing to improve IF and help the FDS, what would it be?

  • Register a Court Case against everyone involved in the Pirated IF Versions Distributing Groups and demand compensation on behalf of the FDS (5-100 USD per person depending on whether the version has all planes or not)
  • Pay for all development and company maintaining costs and make IF absolutely free
  • Buy whatever device(s) each and every IF User would want for IF
  • Not Listed (please reply)

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EDIT: For those of you who are confused as to how you got the money, You won the lottery (or some big contest) and got the money to do one of these.


You know the definition of continent is… well, non existent. I could say Ireland is a continent. After all, it is a landmass surrounded by water. Adding Zelandia just seems like… useless. As in global that would involve only one country and a few cities. Just saying.


I have is that not weird


I think you mean Island


I would pay all the costs but still charge so the devs wouldn’t go bust.


I would much rather be unable to use the Seattle region, I almost never fly in that region… It’s just so boring and the only 2 airports I fly to there are KSEA and KPDX… It’s just boring to be honest…


If I had let’s say… 10,000 pounds in the bank to spend on research and development for FDS I would add every plane in the game that everyone wants (Concorde, A350, all GA aircraft, B777-8,9&10X etc) and I would spend nearly half of that money on paying for the server’s and paying the staff out of my money.

After a 15 hour flight from London to Singapore on the B787-10 you land and taxi to the gate and all of a sudden Laura spawns in and you have 2 choices:

  • Fly with Laura but you only have your emergency fuel left
  • Get global for free for 5 months

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If I landed and taxied to the gate wouldn’t I just fill up my fuel?


Kill a doesn’t have a go around pattern I think. Good luck;-)


I have no idea how two people chose the first option. Global free for 5 months! I don’t care about flying with Laura, its free.


You don’t have that option :)


I should cut that down to make it harder…


Well aren’t you glad Ireland isn’t a continent. If it was I would have to add it wouldn’t I?


You don’t get the point. See PM.


I’m surprised not more people chose to be a pert of FDS.


I just don’t want to have the responsibilty of being a developer! I just want to be able to enjoy IF stress free! :)


What would you prefer?

  • Be a Beta Tester for Global (only on solo)
  • Have Live (1 month) for free

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Dude, everyone should want global right now!!!


Let’s say the one month Live sub has Global in it. Would you agree @Jet_Airways_995?


Then would would want to pick global on solo? It’s sorta a bad answer and good answer sorta thing and it would be a no brainier on what to pick. IMO