Why have I not reached TL* yet?



We’ve been seeing an increase in topics regarding why some of you haven’t reached a certain trust level, so i thought i’d just give you a short explanation of why this might be the case.

Most of the topics I’ve been seeing, have been regarding TL2 (also known as “Member”).
I can imagine quite a few of you have seen this topic, and may be thinking that you should have reached TL2 based on the numbers stated:

This is a great topic, it does not however reflect the requirements we have choose to have here on IFC. So this topic only gives you a hint of the requirements, not the actual requirements for IFC.

So, what are the requirements here on IFC for the different trust levels?
This is something we have choose not to disclose, because we don’t want you to blindly stare at requirements just so you can reach the next trust level. As you know, we’re always on about how we want productive topics, topics that inspires great discussions. Just posting aiming to reach the requirements for the next trust level, will most likely not end up with productive posts.

It could also be the case, that we for some reason have choose to lock a users trust level. This is not something that we do very often, but in some cases we feel it’s needed as the user needs some more time to understand how the forum works and so on.

I know many of you also aspire to become TL3 (also known as “Regular”). And it’s great that you do!
Regulars are the role models, the ones new users should be able to look up to. Even though TL3 have requirement parameters in the same way as the other trust levels do, TL3 users are constantly being evaluated, and we sometimes promote TL2 users that have been exceptionally helpful and have been setting great examples for others in here. But unfortunately, we also have demote some TL3 users that haven’t been living up to the expectations.

I hope this clears up a few things regarding trust levels.
And if you have any questions, we’re always just a PM away!

Hope all of you are having a great weekend.

Ginger Santa & the rest of the Mod team.

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Finally, something to link to when dealing with such topics. Thanks for the post! Much needed and will be a big benefit to many users who feel the need to ask this question.


This should help clear some issues regarding Trust levels. It’s all about positive contribution to the forum.

Pasted to my notes in case I need to assist anyone


Ah! Thank you for making this. I’m a but tired of seeing the trust level questions.


Nice topic Santa, this will really help those who are having Trust Level problems, also reccomend including that your trust level can be locked do the behaviour issues and that can also be a reason you are not reaching the next trust level :).


You mean this? ;) …


Over looked that, thanks!


Bookmarked as this will help when a new member is asking this


This will help cut down the amount of topics created regarding this “issue” nice job Seb!


Ginger santa, made me chuckle.


Yes I remember those topics, thanks Ginger Santa, sent you a PM ;)


Thanks for the post. I just worked at being a positive contributing member of the community. then one night the level fairy visited me. ; ) jk. Seriously though I think it’s good that FDS looks at more than numbers when it comes to gaining trust levels.


Great post Seb, really clears it up. :)


There are a few thing that I’d like for Christmas this year. I’m pretty sure I’ve been good this year… at least I hope!


I always suspected it… he does live awfully close to the North Pole…


Very well said! Couldn’t be more exact on how to put it. This is now another reason not care about trust levels and just care about how can I help the community more to improve my stats on the IFC


The big question…

Do you create interesting topics, race to be quick to reply to a new topic, like every post and reply you see, to become a regular? Do you fancy the peachy grade 5 colour as much as you fancy the word ‘regular’ under your name?

Do you? Think about it, and don’t just reply to my post.

I commend the moderators on this forum for their effort to make this a great forum. And the contant evaluation of contributors is a lot of work, I can see that.
I am impressed by the quality of some of the regulars here; always ready to help and contribute. Thank you; it’s great when people here realize why we need regulars and moderators: to serve the community; for no other reason.


Just read around here, Seb already includes it above but here’s to you’re question specifically. Just keep reading, contributing, liking, and helping out the community and you will get to regular in no time :)

My idea to reduce clutter

LOL! Ginger Santa I’m crying from laughter! Thanks for this, this should hopefully clear up some #meta topics ;)


This clears up some confusion. I think it is diligent of the moderators to not let us know what the trust level requirements are. I think gaining trust levels depends not 100% on your stats but on your attitude and helpfulness to others on the IFC. This is a nice updated little info card on the trust levels that I greatly appreciate.

Whether you go by “Ginger Santa”, Seb, or “the guy with bugs in his beard”, your words are kind and helpful to everyone in the community. Thanks for taking your time to make this topic.