Who’s ever been in a emergency landing or other flight emergency?


My dad was on a Porter Q400 flight departing out of Ottawa and the gear would not retract.


had a similar experience in a socata cirrus sr-22g6 ,from MDJB to MDPC, the whole plane shook


An airplane does not “kind of” crashed. Either it crashed or it does not.


I know, but I don’t know it very well. It’s been like 5 years ago.


When I was 10, my father bellied in a beach bonanza that had a landing gear failure. The whole family was in the plane, and we had no clue until we stopped and he told us all to get out quickly.


reading some of these i dont think half of yall know what an emergency is


https://youtu.be/TxlIwGAeiFI Was it this flight that you were on?


Haven’t been in one but I had 2 aircraft with engine difficulties on Thursday alone.


Ive never experienced a flight emergency related to the plane itself but I have had to deal with several inflight medical emergencies.


I don’t know if this counts as we hadn’t even pushed back, but we were all boarded on a WestJet 737-700, and then a couple of us look out the window, and what else do we see other than a massive fire on the baggage loading belt at the adjacent plane. The entire baggage belt was engulfed in flames, and the flames were going inside the cargo hold as well as starting to surround the wing. Shortly after seeing that we were told to evacuate the aircraft, so we did, and once in the terminal we were told to just keep walking. They evacuated the entire B concourse and all aircraft on any of the B concourse gates. Everybody was ok and the fire was put out with nothing more than smoke damage to the aircraft, we were all boarded again around 90 mins after our departure time and we were on our way.


Not sure if this counts because It was on the ground at LGB, we were preparing to board a JetBlue A320 to JFK, when some woman started feeling unwell, they had to hook her up to IVs and use an oxygen mask and she was wheeled away in a stretcher, hope she’s ok.


that DEFINITELY counts as an emergency. Not an aircraft one, a medical one :)


I don’t know if this counts, but I was on a diversion flight due to weather. I guess it really isn’t an emergency, but we were still escorted to an empty gate by 2 fire trucks


Yeah, defiantly a certain type of emergency