Who’s ever been in a emergency landing or other flight emergency?


Ya. Scary drop after explosion


I was flying from Sanford to Manchester UK, right after takeoff an eagle flew into the engine, i could smell smoke in the cabin so we returned to Sanford about 10 minutes after it happened.


I flew with Ryanair…
Anymore info needed?


Wow, what a coincidence I just completed that route in IF!


How is flying with Ryanair an emergency. Their landings are hard, thats about it apart from their bad service.

Whats the emergency about flying with Ryanair?


Dude that was crazy.

I once booked a flight in Aerolineas Argentinas from Trelew (ARG) to Buenos Aires (ARG) and two people with no brain flew a drone into the nose cone of the plane, we where fourtunately on short final so passengers didn’t even notice. I was sitting in seat ahead of where the drone impacted (window L2) so I did noticed the impact but I didn’t realize it was a drone, the crew was kind so the told us when we deplaned but otherwise we would have noticed by the news.


It’s just a joke, chill.


Good old piper thomahawk. Used to fly that back when I was CWO 😉


It wasn’t really a emergency but we had a delay of 30 to 60 minutes while we’re descending on Crete. A plane in front of us kind of a crashed, that’s what the captain said to us. I couldn’t see it


Back in November 2010, I flew the Qantas A380 and the engine exploded so we had to make an emergency landing at Singapore Changi. If any of you don’t know that flight, it was qantas 32. It was supposed to arrive at Sydney from London and the plane was only supposed to refuel.


You were on board that flight? That captain is amazing, at least based on ACI…


2 engine failures over the Atlantic in a 747 from London to Los Angeles. We turned around and landed safely back to London


Yes I was on that flight, it was the worst flight experience ever. I was still 9 years old at that time.


Daaaang I never knew that someone on IFC was in that mess…


I flew SQ308 from SIN-LHR and we had extreme turbulence over the Bay of Bengal. Continued to London anyway, but it was on the news because people had whiplash and some burns/other minor injuries as the meal service was happening at the time. Heres some news pictures.


I also have one when I was a kid (probably 7-8 yo). I was in a Fokker 100 and the aircraft started it’s roll for take off, we’re probably already near half the runway when the aircraft suddenly perform a hard braking. the take off aborted, the plane returned to ramp and performed some checks until decided that we have to switch aircraft.

didn’t know what was happened but thank god the pilots seemed made the correct decision, all passengers and crew were safe.



I’ve watched several documentaries on that disaster and it sounded scary.

Hope you were ok afterwards


Poor guy on our flight from Denver to Dallas had a stroke. We were already in the DFW area so we didn’t have to divert. The pilot did make some wicked turns. We were stuck on the plane an extra 45 minuets while they assisted the guy. I DID think we were going to die when flying back to Denver in a blizzard.


I once had an emergency in my pants on an airplane. Does that count?


I was on a EasyJet plane less than 5 mins from takeoff and the electrics in the engines failed dunno if it counts