Who’s ever been in a emergency landing or other flight emergency?


How come this is even a topic? If someone has big accicent then won’t even able to post it here…


Oh forgot to also add that I flew to Arizona from Nebraska on 06/06/2006 and I remember that being a big deal for bad luck and airline tickets were super cheap for that day because nobosy wanted to fly and me and my big sister were in the peogram were the airline looked out fornus because we were very young and sat in the front with this elderly lady who midflight had some sort of medical emergency and my sister took care of here until we eventually diverted after entering a holding pattern and dumping fuel. I do not know if she survived.


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Had not one but two medical emergencies on a flight from Frankfurt to LAX. Both happened within 15 mins of each other. I watched one play out in front of me, when it calmed down I went to the bathroom and I heard an announcement on the speaker for another doctor, I thought mmm… that’s odd… came out and saw a woman on the floor further up the aircraft. We landed to an armada of ambulances.
My wife had one from London to NY, where she woke up and a bunch of cabin crew were lying on the floor around her, then asked her if her feet were hot?.. Turns out the cockpit was being sent warnings of a fire in the cargo hold. So they dropped to 10,000 (over the Atlantic), landing gear down and flew for 2hrs in complete silence. They did 3 passes of the tower in Gander, Newfoundland before landing. She was pretty convinced they had taken the plane to a barren landscape to crash. It was 8 hrs. till another Airbus A300 arrived to continue their journey.
Apart from that, a couple of severe turbulence events. Those are not fun!


For what reason? I feel that that should still count. 🤔


I think that he is implying that if there was a severe accident the person wouldn’t live to tell the tale…


Hmmm i don’t know honestly.


I did my first flying lesson with air force cadets taking off from an air force base and landing at the same airport. Had a nice flight with a few bumps but when we came in to land, the runway we were on final for had a slight crosswind. The approach was fine but upon touchdown there was a big gust and pushed the plane off to the edge of the runway. In doing so the right main wheel popped (we’re talking about a piper tomahawk here) and forced us to stop on the runway. We called up the tower on the phone and they closed the runway (which is a pretty big deal seeing as though it’s an active military base with heavy aircraft and fighters taking off regularly). We ended up having to push the plane off the runway and it was not easy. Once we got it off the runway a fire truck came and checked for FOD. It took a while filling the popped tire up then pushing it as far as possible until we have to fill it up again. All in all my first ever lesson and flight in a GA aircraft was amazing! One day I will buy the plane I flew VH-CFR


My TV was broken and seat couldn’t recline on my flight from Atlanta to Johannesburg, all 17 hours of it. Oh and I had a slight allergic reaction to a meal they served.


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JetBlue A320 KLGA-KMCO
A passenger had a health issue (forgot what it was), and a flight attendant announced over the PA the infamous “Is there a doctor on board?”

When we landed in MCO, we had to wait at the gate while paramedics came on board and wheeled here out with IVs attached to her.


Not me-Yet- Ugh still in flight school.


Not myself, but my dad was a passenger on China Airlines flight 120 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/China_Airlines_Flight_120, which caught fire after landing. Obviously no one was killed, which is extremely lucky, and my dad was uninjured


It was some of the worst luck I had on a flight. I had to ask for alcohol to act as a sedative so I could sleep. The flight attendants understood completely lol.


I need it just to board…


Alright so back in December 2016, I was in the US for two weeks.
We were going to fly from Houston back to Europe and then a short Lufthansa A320 flight to Copenhagen.

DLH441 was my Flight number onboard Lufthansa’s Airbus A380.

I can’t remember how close we were from Kennedy but we were sorta close to the airport.

Now here’s where the Captian announces that we have to emergency land at KJFK due to a bomb threat.
Also: There was a lot of panic going on.

We came in for 31L
We were then taxiing to 4L.
Then Bus, Airstairs police came.
We disembarked, I and my family then took a Norwegian flight to EKCH.


I watched an Air Crash Investigation episode on this accident. It is a miracle nobody was hurt.


That one was crazy, but yet so lucky!


No not yet! You mean never right?


Yea hopefully you dont know theese days