Who’s ever been in a emergency landing or other flight emergency?


Thats not an emergency…very funny though.



I was on a plane once, and they forgot to load the catering.


Guys come on…lack of catering and the reclining of the seat in front of you are NOT EMERGENCIES


Just wait until you experienced it, then we’ll talk.


I was on some wicked turbulence descending into Detroit in delta’s A332. Someone got hurt or something, and they had to board paramedics upon landing.


Navagation Issue when I was going to Hawaii (back in hawaii) we flew back to LAX and got a different airplane

and going to hawaii again on Delta there was a passenger that fainted and we were suppose to land at 530p but ended up landing at 1230a


I have…and I dont consider those sort of things as being emergencies


I was in the Civil Air Patrol and during my orientation flight an emergency light indicator activated and we had to turn back but I dont remember what the indicator was for.


I was on a flight from LHR-IAD and a guy passed out just as he walked out of the toilet. Wasn’t a very big issue and landed in Washington safely, although the paramedics did have to come on board once we had taxied to the gate which took a bit of time.


I was on a flight years ago, flying US Airways, where we started our takeoff roll and then the pilots aborted the takeoff. We taxied back to the gate and were told that the front entry door had not been fully closed, and it took us about an hour to get moving again.


United 945, EDDF-ORD
We had a medical emergency, an elderly woman who was flying to the US from Iraq was fasting (from what my aunt said who is a rn nurse and was on the flight with my family for visiting me while overseas, it was for religious purposes) and was passing out and was refusing to eat or drink, so she was looping in and out and was showing signs of shock. Luckily this was mostly happening while we were on approach so our flight got priority (I was listening in on the ATC from the plane) and made a fast and quick approach, and we met paramedics once at the gate. Very lucky my aunt and an army surgeon was on that flight or else her condition probably could’ve been worse!


I’m a FA so I’ve had numerous emergency landings. Mainly most of them are from medical emergencies. Bird strike, etc


Iceland air ran out of free peanuts…


I was on a Northwest 757 flying into KMSP during a snowstorm that had to execute a missed approach because of snow-clearing equipment on the runway. It was night so I never saw the equipment, but we were close enough to the ground that I could see the runway after we passed over it. Kind of a crazy feeling to suddenly feel the engines throttle up and start ascending in the middle of an approach. The pilot told us a few minutes later what had happened and why we had to go around. Landed safely about 15 minutes after that.


My brain blew out through my ear drums when I was flying from Reykjavík to Denver. That baby with it’s extra large infant carrier preventing me from reclining just would not stop screaming!

Other than that, I have had no actual emergencies.


That’s very severe. How could they do that? If I was the pilot/FA I wouldn’t have told passengers that.


Airfrance. Over the ocean


Is that the flight where the engine exploded and it landed in Canada?


On a southwest flight one oxygen mask came down for one person who was casually using it. I still have no idea as to what happened


Not me personally but my friends dad was on the emirates 777 that exploded on the runway