Who’s ever been in a emergency landing or other flight emergency?


I’m curious to know has anyone been in any emergency or emergency landing on a flight, commercial or private.Please say when and where, etc
For Passengers Only

Note/example: I have had one Southwest Bird strike, December 2014, flight 3118 KSAT to KBWI


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American Airlines 1346 from KCLT-TNCA

We had a small engine failure (on an older 737-823), but nothing major. Landed in Aruba safely and had a great vacation in the end.


Turboprop Failure on an Air New Zealand ATR-72, made safe landing at ALK


I was Flying from KLAK-KMSY a few years ago and someone was having heart problems on the plane (it was a passenger). Other than that, no.


CYYC-CYEG, March 2018. Luggage belt fire prior to departure, aircraft and terminal were safely evacuated. We were back on the aircraft around an hour later.


I don’t know if this counts but I was flying from MSP-RSW and on taxi to runway the front cockpit window blew out and my family waited 3 hours at the airport for it to be fixed, apparently the bolts were lose or something but we ended up getting a new plane.


I was on a plane from SFO to EWR when the passenger next to me fainted. She was all ok though and the rest of the flight was fine.


AirTran something wrong with fuel luckily it was during pushback it was a 737


We were really close to one, we were going to Seattle from DC and we had some one who I think had an antiflactic (I probably spelled that word wrong) reaction because they called for anyone who was a doctor and had qualifications to administer and Epi Pen… hope everyone was alright I know how serious those can be since I Cary an Epi Pen myself. We started to verse off one flight plan about the t8me that announcement was made but for some reason (I am assuming the doctor said they were having a non antiflactic reaction) we corrected and proceeded to SEA…

(If anyone cares a similar incident made an emergency landing at KPIT today and apparently they gave the person FOUR! Epi Pens, hope they were alright…)


Not sure if this counts but I was on a flight from CDG-ORD on an Air France A330-200 but as we were taxiing one of the radar computers failed so we had to taxi back to the gate. We would of had to divert though if we were in the air.


A passenger on a Delta 767 from Orlando to Minneapolis had 3 seizures and we were forced to land in Des Moines.


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I was on a flight with my dad from Prague to Frankfurt and we had a birdstrike around 15-20 seconds into takeoff roll. Luckily the aircraft stopped in time and we were delayed around 2 hours. We eventually made it to Frankfurt.

Here’s a link to The Aviation Herald on the incident.


Wow, that’s scary but aborted takeoffs interest me.


It’s happened to us all