Where have you flown with global?


My daughter was on that route in August. I was insanely jealous! Then she sailed back to Scotland and it was rough as… so it balances out in the end!

In regards to the OP I’ve mostly been monkeying around my home airport of Inverness. First route was Inverness to Stornoway before heading back across the minch and flying down Loch Ness. You can see my house from there :-)


As of now, I have only done Hamburg to Malaga in a Norwegian 737 to test the waters and I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed by what the devs have brought out. I can’t wait to fly more routes!


At the moment I am 1 hour out of Tokyo from Dubai which i just left my iPad on all night and will land in the next hour it is about a 10 hour flight


I will be doing whatever the Friday night flight will be tomorrow hopefully it is global related


Doing a short EasyJet hop from Belfast to Glasgow. About a 45 minute flight.


You’re landing in a tail wind… Why?

@DeerCrusher your route would also be like 8 times longer because the flat earth model makes the southern hemisphere look really stretched


flew Montreal-Frankfurt in a AC 777-300ER, Set it before I went to work flew my NCL-BFS and then came home and landed in Frankfurt, like clock work really :)


I have flown from KDFW to KDEN with an AA 737-800. Its a pretty calm flight


You seem to have a lot of time on your hands


I’ve done so far:
EGKK-LEBL EasyJet A320
EGKK-LIRF. Vueling A320 (planned my route to go right over the alps which are stunning)
EGKK-LGIR EasyJet A320


Done a ton of flights already, one that comes to mind was a beautiful flight last night over the Canadian Rockies from CYYC to CYVR. I’m flying CYVR to CYOL right now, but the servers are down again so I’m just flying over empty space ;)


Just landed in BHX from DOH. Does anyone have problems seeing the runway? When I’m around 500 feet I only see the runway come into action. Bearing in mind the visibility is full.


Wellington, Dunedin, and Christchurch all look great. Haven’t been to the others you mentioned yet. Thanks for making them. The airfields around Mt Cook could do with a bit of love if you have time.


Flying around in circles for the past 20 minutes!! Will not let me log in!


United Airlines - crossed the Atlantic to KLAX in my 777-300ER.


I Have flown to Los Angeles, London, Paris etc


Awesome, I hope you enjoyed your flight!


I have flown:
PHNL - KDEN 7h 20m
YBBN - YSSY 0h 59m
LKPR - EHAM 1h 00m
YSCB - YCOM 0h 27m
YHML - YBBN 1h 23m
I am currently doing OMDB - YSSY which will take about 13 hours!


Last night I flew from Tokyo to Sydney in an All Nippon 787-10. It took 9 hours. Also have done 2 flights from Sydney to Sunshine Coast


Just finished my flight from Doha to Tehran in my Iran Air 747-200! Very scenic flight! Tehran has a really interesting approach.