Where have you flown with global?


Currently in a JET 2 737-800 from EGKK to LEPA (London Gatwick to Las Palmas)


My very first flight was Denver - DFW with a fellow FVA pilot. My next flight will be a return flight to Denver and a connection to Salt Lake city later today.

At the gate in Denver before pushback. Night fell almost ten minutes after takeoff so the majority of flight was at night. Yes I had the timer set to current time where I live so it was amazing to see night fallingin the sim while night fell outside.


Long long way through EGLL(London Heathrow )-ZGGG(Guangzhou) China Southern (exactly the same as the real flight as CZ304) planed everything well(passengers cargo and most importantly fuel). 13tons fuel left after touch down. Picked the most tail wind as well. Nice tried.


I plan on making it to Denver at some point today! maybe I’ll catch up to ya!


I will sadly not be able to commit to this flight for at least 3-4 hours from now as I’m heading to the dentist to get a permanent crown and then I have some homework. But if you’d like, I can private message you when I’m ready.


Hello! I’m flying from Auckland to doha, Qatari 921.hopefully the winds reduce along the way cause right now fuel isn’t enough. I’m 2 hours short on fuel


I flew from Atlanta to Phoenix

Beautiful Mississippi River on my way to Phoenix

I have no clue what there mountains are or what their name is, but I encountered them in New Mexico, also on my way to Phoenix.




Well, its not exactly where have I flown but its more of where I’m off to right now. Just departed SAEZ with my destination at YSSY. Its a little over 10,100nm and 17hours of flight time. For those who might have a flight along this flight plan, you may get a glimpse of me passing by. Hope everyone is enjoying global just as much as I am! Off to work now. Make it a great day folks. 🌎

First 1/2 of route

Second 1/2 of route

If only the world was flat, I could’ve included my route in one picture… 🤷🏼‍♂️


Right now doing a flight from KLAX-KORD:

Sorry if the pictures aren’t very good quality




LAX-DFW and just made a flight plan from JFK-LHR!
First real global…should be there in about 8 hours :)


Just took of for my first longish flight… ATL-LAX. I managed to calculate fuel and make a flight plan secretly during class :D


Just landed! RJAA-WSSS, 7 hours on air, love the global update. Over manila sky


Currently I’m still doing my first global flight from KEWR to KHNL


Took off from ATL and heading to Toncontin/ Tegucigalpa Airport. I wonder how difficult the approach will be 🤔


Was flying from EGGL to JFK but it crashed after 2 hours -_- (ipad 2017)


Did Geneva to London which was great but then did Colombo to Male and the last 10-15 minutes of the flight is absolutely incredible and a reslly hard and challenging approach onto just a small piece of land! What an incredible update!!


Flew from RCTP to RJAA. Tailwinds all the way :)
Crosswind on the landing.


Currently flying to Houston from sfo