Where have you flown with global?


Did a beautiful flight, EGBB to EGLL… (#newsforandroid)


I flown from LA to Dallas (DFW) and now I’m flying from LA to Pyongyang. The LA to Dallas is route is really nice as the scenery is pretty diverse and it’s only a 2.5ish hour flight.


Wasn’t me, it’s in Western Mexico


My first flight was from my home of KDEN to KSFO. Thr view the entire way was sweet. The views of the Rockies and Sierras was unmatched.

Also flew KSLC - CYVR. The Twin Falls departure from Salt Lake is sweet. An immediate turn over the Salt Lake, and following it up all the way. And the GRIZZ5 approach to Vancouver is even sicker. Takes you parallel to the 26’s then you turn straight towards the airport, and then onto downwind and turning off final at about 2K above. Would definitely recommend that route.


Just landed in DXB from BCN in an Emirates A380. Definitely an amazing first global route!

Here are some photos!


Just completed SFO (San Francisco) to AKL (Aukland, New Zealand).
Flew the 777-300 and took 12 hours 30 minutes.
Pretty awesome.
Now it’s time to get some coffee and take a short break before I’m off again :)


My first big route, KCLT-EDDM on a Lufty 330 crashed when I began my descent this morning. Crap.


I just finished a flight on an Emirates 777-300ER from Dubai to Frankfurt International Airport. Really fun and great so far. Next will be a flight from London to Tokyo Narita.


Have flown a few DLVA routes thus far

Flew up the coast from SAN to SFO, what a view.


I’m currently enroute to Dubai from Nairobi.


For now i did random stunts and flew around my house near EYKA and flew from lukla out of the mountains and descided to crash because my few minutes of available time on the iphone has passed…my ipad 4 and ipad mini 1 dont work so i asked my parents for a few minutes on their iphone 5…they deffinetly wont let me fly 2+ hours let alone 12+


Just started flying Dubai - London. My phone is about to explode with the heat haha


Just finished yet another short haul!
KPHX - KSAN Frontier A320.

Had a 60 knot headwind at 35,000 but it was still great!


Was flying to Singapore from sfo but life got in the way.


I was going from KJFK to KSEA but the app crashed upon descent. JFK right now is the LAX of global lol.


I might try an around the world trip on the 777-200LR up next


Wait has anyone landed in north Korea?


Flown Pardubice-Prague-London as my first flight in an EasyJet A320

Currently flying from Heathrow to Shannon in a BA 777-300ER (was planning to go to JFK but don’t have enough fuel AND have some plans)


Flown from Valencia to Eindhoven. Same route as the airliner would take tommorow. Flight was about 2 hours!
Got the flightplan of the internet!
Really pleased with the new update!


Just did NZCH-NZAA as my maiden flight. Beautiful scenery. Flight time 1 hour, cruise altitude FL300, cruise speed Mach .84

Just as I landed, I caught 2 outbound aircraft, one of which was QR921 probably headed to Doha for a 17+ hr flight