Where have you flown with global?


I’m flying from Atlanta to Phoenix right now. If anyone wants to see, I’m on the expert server approaching Mississippi.


Nice job mate. Tonight, I am flying to chi lap kok from Guangzhou Baiyun international airport


![A9A8D324-F99F-4AFF-8DC8-850EC9275A04|690x488](upload://w87OngKpIrANi1Hn 6TgHRJ54V5L.jpeg)
Shanghai to Tokyo was amazing, it saved me nearly 45mins thanks to winds aloft.


Good pics! I would take some, but Southeastern USA isn’t really special…


I see you Delta 10 80 Super


Aww, dude! If you are flying to Hong Kong, it has to be Kai Tak!


Just finished another quick hop from KLAX-KSFO. My trusty Alaska 737-800 got me there with plenty of fuel to spare! Was a beautiful route with a great departure. Sadly, had 95 knot crosswind/headwind throughout the flight.

Departing LAX for FL340



Nice to see some people also doing some short-haul


Flew from KSEA - EGLL, and KSEA - KSAN. Both flights were absolutely beautiful.


I had to cancel my Singapore flight as I did not have enough time


Destination reccomendation!

MMPR Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

Features and approach over the mountains and a beautiful departure out over the water!


Tomorrow I will be doing my first long haul, likely in either the 77W or 744. Not sure what route to do yet though, any recommendations? I was thinking VHHH-EGLL or RTAA-EDDF.


Currently flying Manila to San Francisco! Awesome!


I haven’t flown anywhere. #Androiduser 😒 plus the regular servers are dead or on life support. TS is the only one with ATC. In general that’s a joke. It’s rare to get good ATC on TS. I can’t speak for everyone, but there a few of us finding it hard to get into a flight. Just due to feeling left behind. Plus the lack of information concerning the Android release is compounding the problem.


Well yesterday I was doing my test flights (AKA the flights before my around the world trip).


I think @Charles_Grohn just covered it all in them few lines




Easy to see where I was today!


Yesterday I did EGLL-EHAM, and then I moved to SoCal, did KSNA-KLAS and then KLAS-KSAN, and then KSAN-KORD. All in one leg! Today I’ll start at KORD-BWI, and then BWI-KALB. And then during my orchestra concert tonight go back to KLAX. I’m really liking the yiu start where you stop. :)


Wow! That’s buetiful, I saw yiu in Puerto Rico now that I think about it.