Where have you flown with global?


I’ve done CYYC-CYVR and just now I’m enroute from KMIA-KATL


So far I’ve done London Heathrow to Paris Charles de Gaulle, Palma de Mallorca to Barcelona to Gibraltar and right now I’m doing from Los Angeles to Madrid.


One thing i love is that although you don’t have a sub, you can still fly from London to Paris, which is cool, enough chit chat, i need to attend my brothers call as he is landing the plane.


I am currently en route, but am almost done with LAX-SYD Virgin Australia 777-300er


Ha. Haha. Hahahahha.
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The higher altitude did the flight good


Just finished a flight from LFPG Paris to LSZH Zurich in a Swiss A319. A fun 50 minute route. Definitely recommended.

Climbing to my final cruise of 32,000


I did a short KIDA-KJAC in a Dash-8 on my moms phone




I have not purchased global yet sadly but I will hopefully today or tomorrow! Still no words to say on how beautiful the scenery is and graphics


So far, I’ve been the first person flying in the public edition of Global in Africa. I’ll maks a list later. 😂


I’ve done Dubai to Doha so far! Planning on doing EGLL to EHAM.


I’m at the halfway point of flying SFO-CHANGI


I have flown JFK-IAD and LAX-SAN. I had to get used to the maps as most of my identifying markers are not there but none the less landed successfully with some crosswind in SAN. I am planning a LAX-SFO soon.


There is Kai tak?! I know where I’m flying to next!


I’m thinking we’ll see many events there, it’s great fun!


I just finished my first flight in Global, it was pretty stupid. It was VNLK-VNKT with a Spicejet Dash 8 to test out the Dash’s performance XD


I will fly from Guangzhou Baiyun international airport to chi lap kok airport.


I flew from Amsterdam to Zurich


Currently on my way from London to JFK in a BA 777-200ER alongside a 787-8 and a 777-300ER on Training Server. Got some crazy headwind of 130kts so it might take a while. Definitely recommend people to cross the Atlantic the other way around right now.