Where have you flown with global?


Currently flying from Manchester to Jinnah in Pakistan. But I school. 😡


Sadly I am on vacation currently and have only been able to fly one route.This was KSDF-KATL. Short, but it introduced me to flying on a massive scale.


Will be doing Zurich - Miami (LSZH-KMIA) later! This is gonna be fun! C0F91BEC-9B8A-4A94-8099-72ECD55C3743|689x500


This is a dream come true but I have so far flown from Dublin-London Heathrow Gatwick-Dublin and JFK- Port Au Prince Haiti. I have so many more routes I want to fly


I’m on my first flight with global now! I’m currently doing St. Maarten to Helsinki! Then up next is Helsinki to Bangkok!


I TRIED Atlanta to Orlando International, but the textures in Orlando wouldn’t load. Today, I think I’m going to land at courchevel and take on a little challenge.


I flew Richmond International to Hearstfield Atlanta Intl. Finally making my dream of a direct flight out of Richmond become true.


Just completed my first flight in Global…one word WOW!!! This is just crazy!!! Flight was from Brisbane YBBN to Emerald YEML in Central Queensland on the QantasLink Dash 8 it was soooo realistic, absolutely amazing!!!
Thank you to the FDS team!!
OMG I can’t believe it.


I did my first over an hour flight last night… Southwest 737 from Atlanta to Kansas City
This morning I did a Jetblue E190 from Boston to Martha’s Vineyard
My first flight though was Atlanta - Columbus in a Delta 747 :)


Jed -DXB❤️ Emirates 777-300ER


Currently on a long route, DXB to Auckland :) The views are gorgeous.


Can you show us some pictures please


I’m at school, so i left it at home


HAhaha so did I doing a flight from Manchester to Jinnah airport. But I at school


My brother is being a ‘first officer’ as he’s monitoring at home, when i come back in about 1 hours time, i would land :), the LNAV mode is really useful…
currently at FL400


JFK-LAX which I wanna fly one day


Once I land, I will refuel and head back to Dubai, as I am flying to Birmingham after on the 777


I got no one monitoring it. I have LAV more on as well however I am on around 24000 I can’t remember what I put


Kansas city Intl. airport to St. Louis, its a good small route.


Just got called, that we are descending into Auckland… looks like he’ll be landing as we are arriving just around 30 mins early :)