Where have you flown with global?


RKSI (Incheon) to RKPC (Jeju) as Boeing 777-200.

The scenery is soo awesome!!!


EGll to Dublin and klax to egll 9 hours btw


flew from vegas to hawaii and DFW to SKBO


YSSY TO PHNL 7hrs in


Currently flying from Santiago, Chile to Madrid, Spain. B789 LATAM. Full flight (313 passengers). 10 hrs at M0.87.


Hey I’m gonna be in Jeju later ahaha


Flew Cardiff-Jersey last night and did Cardiff-Belfast and Belfast-Manchester this morning.


I’m currently about 500mn from Athens. Long flights from fron EWR aboard my 772.


Decided how stupid of an idea I had, decided to settle on KLAX - KSLC in my 737.


I flew from KLAX to MMDO in an Aeromexico 787. I never thought I would say this but SoCal looks beautiful! The scenery was just mind blowing!


Yes it looks better when you release the animals


Yes. It was nothing like the old SoCal. Everyone behaved and it was a pleasant experience



I flew KSLC to KDEN, which was a scenic hour-long flight, and just managed to find my house by flying around in a Cirrus.


The sunset and sunrise is beautiful


Did a short hop in the KLM 737-700 from Schiphol to Heathrow, now flying from Birmingham to Lisbon. Call sign is Portugal 18, if anyone wants to see on live flight :D


My first ever global flight was a nice evening flight from Perth to Adelaide Australia in a Jetstar a320 :)


You’ve been busy! Nice flights




I flew in an F-16 from CVG to Wright Patterson AFB, and a 777F from CVG-O’Hare.