Where have you flown with global?


Just landed in Barcelona after a 1 hours and 30 minutes flight from Rotterdam.



I flew CYUL-CYTZ last night with @Nathan as my first flight.


VOHS-VABB currently in progress. Also my first Global Flight 😀
Here are some pictures (in different time settings):


I have flown YMRY-YMER (short 20min hop)
Auckland-Sydney-Melbourne (5ish Hours)
Around Uluru (central Aussie)
And I’m currently doing an overnighter flight in a 744 from Sydney to Honolulu


I remember editing and updating Queenstown (NZQN) in June 2016 as one of the many New Zealand/Australia airports for global. Awesome to know it was one of your first global flights!

If you (or anyone reading this) find some time, also check out:

  • NZWN (Wellington Int. Airport)
  • NZDN (Dunedin Airport)
  • NZHN (Hamilton Airport)
  • NZCH (Christchurch Int. Airport)
  • NZPP (Paraparaumu) (Kapiti Coast Airport)
  • YSNF (Norfolk Island Airport)

and let me know how they look :)


I flew domestic flights in my country 🇸🇦 ❤️ then I will begin fly around the world


Queenstown was beautifully done.


Going to finish my flight to KLAX from EDDH, Hamburg Germany soon. 247 nm to go. United 690. The scenery is beautiful !


I just need 1 word : nowhere.


I will do it when it is for android


Well, I have no charge so I can fly much now. But I’ve taken my KLM 777 Orange Pride for patterns around KIAH, I took a Q400 around all the airports in Toronto, I flew a 737-700BBJ from Innsbruck to Vienna but the app crashed, and then I flew LGA-PHL in a 737.
Next planned big route will probably be BOS-DUB


I flown out to Mexico. I’m going to do LAX to LAS right now.


I’ve done a short 30 min flight on the Q400 from Auckland to Taupo my home airport. The topography and scenery when flying into Taupo was awesome, especially getting the views of the lake and mountains. Currently flying the route from Auckland to Sydney.


I flew KBOS-KJFK as JetBlue 617. :)


EGLL to EHAM and back


EGLL- KJFK my longest flight in IFGlobal


KLGA-TXKF in a Southwest 737
KATL-KSLC in a Frontier A320
The sunset was stunning!!!
When the airports get fixed I plan to do MSY-ISP in a Frontier A320 (real route)


I’m currently flying Shanghai to Tokyo, and my flight plan goes over the south of mainland Korea, so I could see Jeju. Gonna land in 45 mins.


My favourite region is Europe and I have flown my first long route from Prague to Dubai by Emirates today… 4,5 hours of magical scenery ✌🏼