Where are you traveling in 2018?


Going Seattle in May, going 1st Class with Alaska!
Then September going back to Iceland from Alaska!


Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, San Diego, Cataliba Island, Mexico, Miami… so far!


i just got back from Charlotte, NC two weekends ago. i will be travelling to San Jose in June. and somewhere else… not sure where yet in december… i also plan on going to knoxville sometime this year…


You’ll love it! What states are you visiting?


Been 3 times before. it’s Queensland, Sunshine Coast. Really want to get out this U.K. weather asap!


I’m due to travel around my country between March and April. I’ll be going to 6 provinces so that makes it 12 flights. Possibly 4 more mid year, then another round of roadshows towards the end of the year. So, I possibly could do 32 fights by the end of the year. Other than that, I wish to visit Singapore also this year, solo.


These are the flights I’m doing in 2018 summer:
LHR - DXB EK6 17th August
DXB - Lusaka 18th August EK713

Shared charter planes:
Lusaka - Mfuwe
Mfuwe - Likoma Island
Likoma - Llongwe
Llongwe - Lusaka

Lusaka - DXB EK714 1st September
DXB - LHR EK1 2nd September


Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur the summer, all confirmed and reserved.
I’ll be flying:
Iberia’s A319 from Porto to Madrid
Cathay Pacific’s B773 from Madrid to HK
Hovercraft from HKG to Macau and back
Scoot’s A320 from HK to Singapore
Air Asia’s A320/19 from Singapore to KL
Scoot’s A320/19 from KL to Singapore.
Scoot’s A320 from Singapore to HK
CP’s B773 back to Madrid
Iberia’s A319 from Madrid to Porto.

All these flights within 2 weeks in the summer.


Brazil in July for Summer


Off to NZ this time! Flying SIN-SYD-ZQN-CHC-MEL-SIN on Qantas. Gonna be my first time on the QF A380. Looking forward to this!


Well I beat you all.
I’m flying in my private 767-300 from Glasgow to JFK.

I wish


Minneapolis, Denver and Budapest (Hungary). Don’t know what aircraft yet…


I’m headed to the Caribbean (For the 5th time) and the Mediterranean. I am taking ANZ from KLAX to EGLL and BA From EGLL to LIRA, after that, I go on a 8-day Carnival cruise!


CLE-BWI-SJO and back via Southwest

CLE-LAS via Frontier

DEN-CLE via Frontier


EWR-IAH United

IAH-PVR United

PVR-EWR United

Leaving on Wednesday!


I will be leaving on KDEN - PVR/MMPR on Friday


KONT-KSEA in the last few days of this month


I have too many flights to count coming up. I fly like every month. I think I’m going to get United Premier Gold this year!


Maybe outside to go spotting and then back inside to finish my flight. I’m not sure. 🤷‍♂️


I hope it will be Oshkosh for me.