Where are you traveling in 2018?


On May 12, I am flying from Abu Dhabi to Amsterdam on a KLM A330-300, then from there on a Delta 777-200LR to Atlanta, and then a Delta 737-900ER from there to Tucson. At the end of July, I am flying to Panama city, Panama


Going to Birmingham in a few months


I’m going to London in two weeks


For me nothing much.
I’m flying Southwest for the first time traveling to KDEN from KSDF to see ELO
Click on my youtube link to see it (the trip is in early August)


I’m going to Tokyo with


Ooohhhh, you are in luck!
ANA is great, here’s a video on them (Simply Aviation)

And credit that photo


Already seen that and it is one of the best liveries ever


Trust me, premier gold is not that great. The only thing it gets you is pre-booking of EconomyPlus seats, which is nice on small planes. It also gets you priority boarding, but it doesn’t get you much else.


Eh. Still nice. Also, I get more miles per dollar spent.


Two weeks from now:
Minneapolis-Houston: Delta CRJ 700
Houston-Minneapolis: Delta CRJ 900

Minneapolis-Delhi: Delta 767-300, Virgin Atlantic 787-9
Delhi-London: Virgin Atlantic 787-9
London-Houston Hobby: Virgin Atlantic A340-600, Delta 717

Minneapolis-St. Louis: Delta MD90
St. Louis-Minneapolis: Delta 717

Minneapolis-Tokyo Hadena: Delta 777-200ER
Tokyo Hadena-Minneapolis: Delta 777-200ER, Delta 757-300

Minneapolis-Ushuaia: Delta 717, Aerolíneas Argentinas A330-200, Aerolíneas Argentinas 737-800
Ushuaia-Buenos Aires: Aerolíneas Argentinas 737-800
Buenos Aires-Bariloche: Aerolíneas Argentinas 737-800
Bariloche-Minneapolis: Aerolíneas Argentinas 737-800, Aerolíneas Argentinas A330-200, Delta A319

December/January 2019:
Minneapolis-Catania: Delta 767-300, Alitalia A321, Alitalia A321
Catania-Minneapolis: Alitalia A321, Alitalia A330-200, Delta A319


Going to MSP I see, what do you plan on doing? If going for business, work, if for pleasure (which is rare for MSP), there’s the U.S. Bank stadium, the Guthrie Theatre, the Mill City Museum… (we have more stuff than people think). Also if you’re outdoorsy, the Boundary Waters are beautiful.


Star Alliance Lounge Access, 2 bags at 70lbs each. It’s definitely worth it. Do you speak from experience?


Yes, never heard of the Star alliance lounge, and you can’t get in the United lounge. The free bags are nice though.


I’m visiting Orlando, Chicago, Madrid, Telluride, New York, and Washington D.C. for school.


I will be flying on British Airways from Austin the London Heathrow round trip on a 747-400 on May 23-June 3


Right now, I have 2 places going on plan.
•Aeromexico to Los Cabos From Vegas
•Hawaiian Airlines to Honolulu from Vegas


NZWN-NZQN on March the 30th as NZ605 then April the 1st NZQN-NZWN as NZ606 both in A320 and also doing NZWN-NZQN and back for a day trip sometime in April on a ATR72-600 don’t know the details yet


The UA lounges would be so overcrowded if that was the case. This is why no legacies offer lounge access to their own lounges, ie. DL Skyclub.


Going to Malaga in the summer


IAD-NRT ANA 777-300. Configuration: 2-4-3
NRT-KLIA ANA 787-9. Configuration: 3-3-3
NRT-HND ANA 787-8. Configuration: 3-3-3
Transit from HND-NRT by train. (15 hours layover)
NRT-IAD United 777-200er. Configuration 3-3-3