Where are you traveling in 2017?


Just booked a trip to the Cocos Keeling Islands later in the year.
Flying with Cathay Pacific from Heathrow - Hong Kong - Perth, 2 day stopover, then a Virgin Australia flight to Cocos Keeling Islands. Can’t wait!


This is ages after - sorry!
I’ve flown to Denver in February with BA from London

In the summer I am flying Ba from London to Kuwait, then in the morning we arrive onto Dubai, then back to Kuwait (Emirates). Then we fly back to London from Kuwait and connect onto Faro, where we then fly back from Lisbon!

Also possibly flying to Edinburgh


in less than a month, I’m off to Europe!!!
will be visiting a lot of places!


Wisconsin dells to the great wolf lodge


I will be moving to Texas from Detroit for college!


I can confirm now that I’m going to Panama in May, can’t wait for that trip!


I’m Flying to Madison Wisconsin from San Diego, then Chicago to London via Frankfurt on the 747-8 and then I’m flying Virgin Atlantic and Delta (A340 and 757) on the way back to San Diego


San Salvador(El Salvador)either on a b737 or a a319,Milano(Italy)b777,Paris(France)b787, and probably to Seoul (South Korea) in December I hope I get on a a380 for the second time in 5 years.


Hamilton Island (A320 or 737-800)


This summer I think I am going from KLAX-KEWR


Heading to Newark from The Heath, then in the summer going to Ireland, Finland, and Portugal, all probably from somewhere in London


Just came back from the states.


In august I’m heading down to Tirana for a wedding, and I’m either flying Austrian Airlines or Turkish airlines as British airways is pretty overbooked for august. If I’m lucky I could go to Tirana again at the end of June with my uncle and dad.


As of now my traveling days are out because of problems. Some places might be Nigeria or Australia. But as of now nowhere.


Flying DUB-JFK in the A330 with Aer Lingus ☘️


Nice! I was just close by, Tel Aviv!


In 5 months I will be flying jetstar Sydney to Brisbane then Air Calin Brisbane to noumea to meet the Pacific explorer do a 10 night cruise then return to Sydney onboard the ship


In 4 weeks : Lyon-Heathrow-Dubai business class


i will fly between London and Belfast about another 4 times this year aswell as London to Malaga and Dalaman. maybe Cancun this christmas but not sure yet


I am flying to bahamas in couple weeks with delta and jet blue