Where are you traveling in 2017?


I am working there for a couple of months. Only have 4 weeks left now ):


Always wanted to go there! A friend of mine is suggesting I study at the University of Utah. Please tell me what the airport is like when you go!


Thus far in 2017, from DFW or DAL

Manhattan, Kan, via KCI
New Orleans
Myrtle Beach
New York (LGA :/ )
Cancun (only one for vacation)

Still to come in 2017:

San Jose, Costa Rica
Salt Lake

(I work in communications for a athletic department and fly with our teams)


Well I hope you enjoy Tampa. Lots of construction at the airport, but the beaches are beautiful! I love living here.


I have done all my flying for this year :(


Won’t be there long. I’m going to be more in the Lecanto area 🙂


They’re flipped bottom is when I departed top is when I returned


Same! Direct flight PHX-YYZ! Air Canada Rouge A321! :)


Im flying from Piarco Int’l Airport Trinidad to Barbados then onwards to JFK airport.


So sexy (as in which plane you flew). Did you have fun.


Same here :( although I might be taking some road trips


What does that have to do with this topic?


Yes I have flown 3 of my 5 flights planned so far. 2 of them were international


It turns out we didn’t cancel. My mom just surprised me 🤷‍♀️


Atlanta in October. I’ll let you guys guess why. ;)


1 week till my flight to Newark.


I’m going to Chicago on the 29th


2nd block is my flight.


I went on holiday to Singapore in April


Helsinki-Berlin tomorrow in a Airbus320 Finnair.