Where are you traveling in 2017?


And honestly doing that would still get us a layover in Newark which is her preference because that’s where her parents and sisters live so she
Could see them before we departed.


March or April 2018.


Ah, yes. I see it at the top of Expedia’s suggestion list. For a flat $2K, that’s incredibly impressive. I say go for it!


Yeah I’ll be going that route.


Look into Norwegian. They do flights to London from the US and if you book it at the right time, it can be under $500 for one person. (So under $2000 for your family).


Thanks for the suggestions Ima weigh all options will be flying first on these flights, not gonna be in economy with a 3 year old gonna fly as comfortable as possible lol.


Well then you might have a hard time finding cheap flights in first but good luck!


Agreed never heard how economy is from anybody on long haul flights I mean it can’t be to bad.


International flights are indeed dirt cheap, our domestic fares are eye-watering. I just got back from Asia. I paid CAD 825(USD 680) to Japan Airlines to get me from Vancouver to Hong Kong with a stop in Tokyo, I then paid Air Canada CAD 600 (USD 465) to get me to Vancouver. No, I do not live in the far north, it is literally a 1.5 hour flight and I paid USD 465.


I’m flying to Rarotonga from Auckland on a boeing 777-200


I’m so sad the biggest plane I’ve been on is a 767-300. I really want to fly on a 773 or something😢

I’ve never been to any country other than US and Canada, so I’ve never gone cross-Atlantic.


No worries. I only went for the first time on a 777 6 months ago. One day you’ll get the chance. In the meantime, there’s plenty of interesting aircraft to ride!


Yes I’m looking forward to that day :)


I never have looked much into Japanese airline companies, but I know to fly from most airports in Florida to Europe your going to be paying over USD1000. That is unless you fly with low cost carriers like Norwegian or Eurowings.


Well this summer I have gone to Canada to visit some family, currently in Kona, Hawaii soon to go back to Honolulu. Then plans for the next few weeks… Plans range from Alaska to Portugal soo yeah 😂😂. Traveling is amazing, am I right or am I right?


I am flying from Tampa to Albuquerque via Houston on Southwest on Monday.


Is my flight then this is it back
Delta and Hawaiin airlines
It’s kinda weird connecting flights
Hawaiin 767 KLAX-PHNL
Delta Connection Crj-900 KIDA-KSLC
Delta a320 KSLC-KLAX
Then it’s exact same Planes back


Okay so I have added to my trips today after finding some cheap flights! The new ones will be marked with a bold (x):

Kenya (now)
Sofia (x)
Geneva (x)
USA (early 2018):

  1. Boston
  2. New York
  3. Orlando
  4. Tampa

I come back from the US on the 13th January 2018. In that time up until then I have 14 flights, maybe pushing 17 (:


We took the BA 787-9 from London to New York KEWR then we took the American Airlines B777-200ER JFK back to London.


Wow! What has attracted you’re attention to fly out to Kenya? The national parks? The wildlife?