Where are you traveling in 2017?


I found this amazing fare regarding a Tuesday in September. $150 for five flights on American in a day. IND-CLT-MCO-MIA, then MIA-DFW-IND. All on the A19/20/21 variants and one ERJ. I’m sorely tempted… should I?


Obviously yes. That’s a like a no brainer smh


Wow, nice! How much did you pay for all of the tickets combimed?


I am off to Majorca in August. Flying with TUI (fromally Thomson). It will be interesting to see if the aircraft that I will be flying on will still be displaying Thomson on the side of the fuselage or if it will have changed to TUI instead. I know there are still a fair few aircraft in the fleet still awaiting a re-spray.


In your free time or for work?


European flight between £15-40 return. To America it was £220 return, then £30 to get to Jersey in the first place.

My flights to Kenya were £400 return, then I had to get another flight back at a different time with Emirates for £300 more


London, Prague and western Poland, Pyrenees and maybe Marrakech or any other place on Christmas :)


Well I am a student, so mainly for fun. I am working in Kenya though on and off.


New York to London American 777-300er!


Wow, nice! Did you fly ryanair with the european flights because the prices you mentioned are pretty cheap…


Mumbai (BOM) to Dubai (DXB) on 737-800


11th February - Denver , Colorado
1st June - Edinburgh

9th August - Kuwait (B747 BA)
10th August - Dubai (EK 777-200LR)
12th August - Kuwait (EK 777-300ER)
18th August - London (BA 747)
19th August -Faro (BA A319)
2nd September - London (BA A320)


Yeah. Sometimes BA though.


Absolutely, those deals are great for a day of flying and daydreaming while looking out a plane window. I wish those deals are that easy to come by in Canada.


I whent
KDTW-RJAA in a DL 747-400

(Top RJAA) (Bottom KDTW)


Ironically, it’s way cheaper for my family to fly out of Canada. Our relatives live in Britain, and any airport within a 10 hour drive in the contential U.S are seeing 4K fares in the timeframe we need to go. Out of Toronto, it’s half that.


@JoshFly8 yeah the fares for United States based airlines are very high for me to take My son wife and myself From KCLT To LHR with a 5 hour layover At KEWR will run me about 7,000 USD give or take.


If you can tough it out to CYYZ, we got fares for $2,400 USD for four people round trip to LHR, including myself, my mom, dad, and sister!


For that price I would have no issue doing that lol.


When are you thinking of going?