Where are you traveling in 2017?


I’ll be in Kenya in 10 days time. Crazy stuff! I have a question for you guys though. Who should I come back with? Have to book myself a new flight (for reasons)!

  • Rwandair - A330 via Kigali
  • Kenya Airlines - B787 Direct
  • Royal Air Maroc - B767 via Cassablanca
  • Emirates - A380 via Dubai

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I’m going to Crete in about three weeks, I’ll be doing some planespotting at Chania while I’m there


I voted for the emirates a380 via Dubai, because I was just on their a380 and it was incredible, but if u want to go direct , Kenya airways 787’s seem to also be of top range, hope that helps :)


Have went to ATL twice this year (have been there several times) and also LAS (my first time there). Highlight of my travels so far this year is flying on a brand new A321, that was the 63rd revenue flight of that aircraft as it had been in service for about a week and a half.

I have places I want to go to still, just haven’t figured out when the right time to go is.


Don’t listen to us, go direct! It’s probably cheaper too.


I’m flying to Zante, Greece, tomorrow morning on an easyJet A320 and again in two weeks on a similar aircraft to Turkey


I am flying from PHX-YYZ in a couple of weeks. I will be flying on an Air Canada Rouge A321. :)


For Christmas I am Flying from St.Louis to Washington D.C.! The airline would be Southwest Airlines


For Christmas I’m flying LAX-LHR onboard virgin Atlantic 787-9 in premium economy.


Places traveled so far this year via “Air”:
Knoxville, Tennessee -work detail
Las Vegas, Nevada -work detail
Upcoming air travel:
Nashville, Tennessee -pleasure
Cancun, Mexico -pleasure
Lynchburg, Virginia -pleasure
Knoxville, Tennessee work detail


Knoxville is awesome man. I’m guessing you flew down via TYS? I go down a couple of times a year to Lake Norris (LaFollete, TN) and I stay in Knoxville for a couple of nights.


Exactly, either KPHL to KTYS or KPHL to KCLT then KTYS. I love it, get to work at the airforce base, went to Alcoa for a small tour and then partied it up in Knoxville with some coworkers. Been there 4 times the last 2 years for a government project that I’m working on.


Awesome. Lake Norris is great to go with friends/family. So much to do there whether it be boating, fishing, etc. if you’re looking for a new place to go, I recommend this.


Duly noted, thanks Kevin. One of these trips I will bring a few of my baitcasting rods and hit the water.


I went to D.C. via Southwest, layover in Atlanta. It was beautiful seeing Washington at night from the skies.


Sadly we arrive I think at like 11 A.M but I think we depart at like 8-8:45 P.M so fingers crossed that we do leave at night! 👏🏽


My Kitchen. and Tesco.


KCLT to KEWR on 8/1/17


In a few weeks I’ll be flying to LIR from LAX via IAH with United. The LAX-IAH leg is operated with the 757-300, I’m pretty excited for that haha. For anyone who has ever flown into Liberia, do they have jet bridges or just the stair trucks?


Via American Airlines flight 1757 @American232