Where are you traveling in 2017?


Hopefully off to Thailand again!


February United 737 to Costa Rica and back
Latam 787 to Santiago and Back


LAX-DUB on Aer Lingus A332 and LAX-DAL on Virgin America A319. LAX-DUB on June 23 and LAX-DAL on July 18. BTW, @AggieAirlines I am from Dallas I just live in LA :)


As an Aviation lover and PPL Owner, I just buy random round-trip tickets. Tomorrow I’m flying from KPHX - DEN! =)


I’ll try to go back to visit family in Peru and DFW before 2017 ends.


I’m traveling from SBL to JFK this summer


Potential for the Maldives or a safari in Africa, so flying to Cape Town and then Kenya or Uganda!


gonna fly from ANU-EWR (TAPA-KEWR)
On a United or American Airlines 737-800, if United it might be a 737-900ER.


Just took at trip to Bahamas. Going to Sarasota in a month. Possibility of me going to London. Slight chance of China. Probably going to Toronto for a week.


I’ll be going to Los Angeles in August
VS7 LHR - LAX 789
VS142 LAX - LHR 789


I am flying BA from LHR to IAD - A380
Then JetBlue BWI to MCO (Baltimore to Orlando)
Then the return of that on an ERJ 195
And then BA IAD to LHR - A380


Howdy fellow Native Texan!


Gonna be flying from Fort Lauderdale to Toronto this August.

FLL>MSP>YYZ Delta, B757>B717
YYZ>FLL Air Canada, A319

I’m really excited to sit on the 2 Boeing’s, especially the 717.


Don’t get your hopes up for the 717, it’s uncomfortable to fly in. 😓


Well on the bright side the flights 1hr30m.


I already got my ticket just waiting the date. From Arlanda ( Sweden 🇸🇪) To Bergen ( Norway 🇳🇴) , with Norwegian 737-800.


Date Departing: 06/14/17
Date Arriving: 06/14/17
Airline: Frontier Airlines
Departure Airport: Denver International Airport
Arrival Airport: Las Vegas International Airport
Length of Trip: 16 hours
Departing Aircraft: Airbus A319
Returning Aircraft: Airbus A321


My bed International Airport (KBED) to my refrigerator Airport (KFRG)


Toronto to Panama in July! 🇵🇦


Is this going to be another spotting trip?