Where are you traveling in 2017?


Yeah, aren’t they retiring the 767’s, or is it just the 757’s. Can’t remember lol.


They’re retiring the 767 last quarter of 2018 and replacing it with a 777.


Roger knew it was something like that.


Im travelling to Lanseria International airport in Johannesburg on a Boeing 737-800 on Mango Airlines


Works compound ;) absolutely aim for the 767 flight OB but A320 IB…


I’m flying from Helsinki (HEL) to Stavanger (SVG) via Oslo (OSL) this July with SAS. I believe those flights are operated by CityJet CRJs.


I’ve already gone to Morocco this year. I don’t have plans to travel anywhere else but if I do, I’m going to remain in the states.


From Milan to Washington DC with stopover at Heathrow (A321 and B747-400 operated by British) and from Boston to Milan as return flight with stopover at Madrid Barajas (A330-300 and A321 operated by Iberia)


Naples is something fantastic. I suggest you to do stops at Caserta and Sorrento


Really??? I ll go there this August!!! We are doing an East coast tour!


On July to Corfu for some plane-spotting, and maybe to Amsterdam in October.


Does anybody have any suggestions to do in London or Paris during December when I go there?


I highly recommend staying at Relais 12 B&B in Paris! It’s 3 blocks from the Effiel Tower and is the average hotel price in Paris.


I’m flying to Madison WI for a camp this July. Emidietly afterwards, I’m flying to London via Frankfurt from Chicago. (747-8 :) ) on the return, I’ll go to Atlanta on an A340-600, and proceed to San Diego on a 757. I’ll fly to madison again around November.


I’m probably travelling to the washroom, do my business, then probably to the grocery store down the road…

I’m joking lol probably going to Cuba


We are only staying in Paris for one day😔. But we are staying in London for the other nine days. But thanks for the info for a future trip to Paris which I am sure I will do.👍


I will be flying from Denver KDEN to Shanghai PVG (layover in Seattle KSEA)

@Infinite.flight sorry lmfao I won’t be flying Frontier for this trip, riip ;)


I think I have posted where I’ll be traveling to in 2017 but I’m reposting it. I (hope) I will travel to Vietnam from Los Angeles this summer. The best part is flying on the EVA Air 77W and maybe planespotting with my friends :D.


Son of a gun 😭 don’t worry I forgive you.
I’ll actually be doing my third flight of the year on Frontier from KDEN - KLAS in 14 days.


London And India. India with Kuwait Airways while London is undecided.