Where are you traveling in 2017?


Post here where you are traveling to in 2017! I’m flying to Paris from DFW. Once it’s almost 2018, I’ll edit this topic to “Where are you traveling to in 2018”


I’m going to Singapore from Jakarta with Singapore Airlines in January 2017😄

Your planned flights for this summer !

What plane?


R u migrating? 👍😉😁


Actually gonna fly to Mallorca on the 31st :P


B777-300 (Non ER) for the outbound one while A350-900 for the inbound one 😉


Nope, Just for vacation ahahha


Glasgow, Paris, Barcelona, Luxembourg, Naples, Rome, somewhere with my girlfriend, then the Caribbean and probably Lebanon! All from Stansted or Heathrow! Going to go to the airport at all of those places if I can 😃


How old are you @MishaCamp


I wish I can travel that much!


Almost 20 🙂


Not planning on traveling much, are you? ;)


Just dabbling 😂


Wow! My brother is 19 and earlier, he wanted to crash into Birmingham on Expert Server which I was like nooooo!


San Francisco from Love Field


Might be giving Hong Kong and Tokyo a visit in 2017, not sure yet.


Oooo I went to both of them in 2015/16. HK is amazing for spotting as I assume you know. Don’t bother going to see if there is anything of Kai left as there isn’t and it’s disappointing 😕


Going LHR-EWR then EWR-BOS with my school for skiing. In February.


Thai Airways Sydney - Bangkok B744 for a holiday


Madrid Barajas in Spain from New York