When is the update?


This sounds absoloutly fantastic,its definatly worth the wait so I sure have no problem waiting for as long as it takes.Keep up the good work people.


I hope you’re the person not wearing the Giants jersey in your profile picture, how 'bout them jets? lol

Anyway, I’ll wait as long as I need to for this update, I know the developers are going to do a fantastic job with this, and it’ll be worth the wait.


I am not sure if Kai Tak will be included as it is no longer an active airport but currently a business centre and cruise ship terminal?


If we are looking from “realistic” perspective, I think adding Kai Tak won’t be realistic as currently, the site has become a development site for the currently completed Cruise Ship, Some Future Flats and also a future site of a huge Stadium

But one of the IFAEs (@Moritz_Babl ) has edited VHXX for us. Which would be an interesting addition to this simulator after Global comes out.

I’m not sure if it’s going to be added. But because it has been edited, I think it has a big chance of getting added ❤


Because the Devs are using satellite imagery, and we can still see the runway today. There will be a runway but it probably won’t be marked as an airport.

Sorry if this wasn’t very easy to understand, it was hard to lay out the sentence


But the current sat image doesn’t show a runway. It’s a park and a port iirc


If it has been edited, I an sure it would be added. The satellite imagery of the site of the former Kai Tak Airport would be covered by the airport layout which @Moritz_Babl edited for Kai Tak


Last time i checked it was there. You may have proven me wrong though 😇😇😇


Actually, There aren’t so many Satelite Imageries for VHXX itself by today (You can only rely to the charts of the airport prior to Closure). Hence why many Infinite Flight Airport Editors decided to not going to add it to the simulator before Moritz succefully edited it. Here is Moritz explanation about the editing


That post doesn’t say it hasn’t been added-just that it may not be perfectly accurate. It has been done, I’ve checked github, so it’ll probably be added


I’m sure it is. Just wanted to clear some confusion with above’s comment about Kai Tak’s Satelite imagery.


The answer is

“We still don’t know”

I think we all should refrain from asking these questions. Just wait until another official announcement made by the developers regarding the release date 😉


I guess we can’t see North Korea secret buildings and places from Infinite Flight Global. Am I right?


We’ll be able to use the airports not sure about the land features.


When this update comes out I will finally have something to do on 10+ hour flights.😄👍


Onlly if your plane has wifi, otherwise you won’t be able to fly for 10hrs when on a flight.


Unless you fly around in circles 😂


if the update comes out when i am on holiday…


Could it be possible that the MD11/DC10 update is coming out before global?


We don’t know. If global gets delayed by a major bug or something, that will most likely be the case, but I’m not confirming anything. Don’t take my word for it.