When is the update?


I have a question about the price for Global Flight have y’all decided what it will be?
(Sorry if this is a duplicate)


@The_Aviator They currently have not decided yet on the price model. If they have, they haven’t released it to the public yet :)


Ok thanks​
Happy Safe Landings, Good Day!!!


I feel that if global has the same resolution that we have now, I would be happy with it. Although getting an upgrade would be nice, I just want to be able to land in SDQ.


I’d like to see the land not repeating the textures. At least the sea looks like it moves. And also splash when hitting water instead od bouncing like solid ground - maybe room for water planes?


That is a completely baseless assumption. Please give me some kind of basis for that claim.


It’s going to be satellite imagery, not repeating tiles.



Yes, they’ve address this. The water will be workes on after global is released.


Awesome. Do you know about any water planes being available?


They havent commented on it.

Once you become a member (TL2) you are welcome to start a feature request for a seaplane ;)


Are you sure? Please don’t go spreading false rumors.


Here it is, no need for PM ;)


Dang it, I just love that shiny effect… oh well, I would probably be looking more at the sky textures though 😉


Yes it is very simple, however I’m not sure whether you are familiar with the Canary Islands they are rather small and thus showing no colour nor white in the map, just pixelated black dots. So then, my question still stands


Will you be able to fly on Solo?



So yes, is the case.


How hard is it to read the post 🤦🏼‍♂️ (Ty Seb)


I’m just excited about flying into Kai Tak and Madeira!