When is the update?


There is already a group of people doing that.


A larger group never hurts


Oh but it does. If it were better with larger groups, there would be.


There is another group and that’s called beta.


Even the low quality one looks good


That’s right, if you fly high and don’t stare at the screen as much, yes it will seem good


I’m surprised North Korea was going to be covered. Another question is, why can’t you just use the satellite imagery from Google Earth?


The satellite imagery from Google is copyrighted. FDS isn’t allowed to use it. :)


Oh, i never knew that


As far as we know, Google doesn’t offer direct access to their satellite imagery. It is only designed to be used inside a map component that you can embed in an app or website (and you pay for each access).

We went the route of using our own dataset so we don’t have to rely on a 3rd party service.

Update: also we use a different map projection than the one used by Google (or other map services)



A lot is to be found there.
But there’s also the issue with having the tiles located to the right position on the Globe etc etc. Never heard of any 3rd party applications using Googles satellite imagery in the way FDS would need to.


Yeah, I get it now. So that’s why you cant use it. So it’s expensive…


Not sure if it helps you in anyway but Audi MMi uses Google Earth for its satellite navigation system


Just looked, Audi appear to be using a full version of Google Earth - this isn’t something that would work for IF. The sim would need satellite image tiles, which is something Google do not offer (FDS use their own dataset as Philippe mentioned).

There’s probably some complex licensing deal involved between Google and Audi too :)


This update is going to be LEGENDARY! I am so gratefull for all of the hard work people put into making this amazing flight simulator for the aviation community! :)


@philippe are the canary islands and/or french polynesia included in the 15m satellite imagery?


The info at the top is all accurate.


This is a political statement lol let’s not start that here ;) It’s the same with Taiwan, which is considered to be part of China by most countries, however Taiwan considers itself independent.


Western Europe and surrounding areas…the Canary Islands are Spanish Territory and every surrounding country is so it isn’t clear in terms of my question


Is it colored in the map?
Yes It is included
No It’s not included
Fairly simple to understand.